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इंग्लैंड का औद्योगिक क्रांति के बाद पहला कोयला रहित दिन : विकास शील देशों पर अनुचित दबाब आयेगा !

इंग्लैंड , जिस देश मैं कोयले से औद्योगिक क्रांति शुरू हुयी थी आब पहली बार कोयला रहित दिन मनाने की तैयारी कर रहा है .एक कहावत है की नौ सौ चूहे खाय के बिलारी चली हज को . पर्यावरण पर विकाशील देश बिना विकसित हुए विकास की बीमारियों से ग्रस्त हो गए . परन्तु दिल्ली , मुंबई इत्यादि मैं प्रदूषण इतना है की उसको भुलाया भी नहीं जा सकता . खुशी की बात है की भारत के वायु , सौर ऊर्जा के बड़े बड़े टेंडरों मैं वैकल्पिक बिजली के दाम गिर रहे हैं . शायद भारत इस त्रासदी को काम करने मैं समर्थ हो जाय परन्तु छोटे छोटे देशों की मुश्किल बढ़ जायेगी . आशा करें की वैकल्पिक बिजली और सस्ती हो सके . परन्तु भारत को अपने कोयले के विशाल भडारों का पूरा उपयोग करने की रणनीति बनानी चाहिए .

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Britain set for historic first coal-free day ‘since Industrial Revolution’ – The Telegraph

Power station chimneys

Britain’s use of coal-generated electricity is dwindling fast Credit: PA 

The National Grid was last night preparing to announce Britain’s first full day without coal power “since the Industrial Revolution”.

A combination of low demand for electricity and an abundance of wind meant officials were expecting the grid to complete 24 hours relying on just gas, nuclear and renewables.

Engineers at the company said Friday would mark a “historic” milestone in Britain’s shift away from carbon fuels, and that coal-free days would become increasingly common.

It’s a very proud moment for us to be there on the first day when we weren’t burning coalDuncan Burt, National Grid

Use of the fossil fuel has significantly declined in recent years, accounting for just 9 per cent of electricity generation last year, down from 23 per cent in 2015, with the closure or conversion of coal plants.

The Government has pledged to phase out coal – the most polluting fossil fuel – from the system by 2025 as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions in the UK.

The electricity grid has been coal-free a number of times since spring last year, but until now the longest continuous period had been 19 hours, first achieved on a weekend last May.


Last night engineers were confidently expecting the grid to reach 10.50pm without needing to call on coal-generated power.

The time would mark 24 hours since West Burton 1 power station went offline on Thursday, the only one of Britain’s nine coal-burning plants that was operating.

The “watershed” moment marks the first day Britain’s electricity system has survived without coal since the world’s first centralised public coal-fired generator opened at Holborn Viaduct in London in 1882.

“The Industrial Revolution started with coal and it’s been the absolute backbone of our power for most of the time since,” said Duncan Burt, head of real-time operations at the National Grid.

“It’s a very proud moment for us to be there on the first day when we weren’t burning coal.”

He said he expected the grid to achieve more coal-free days as the summer progresses towards the period of low demand and high solar power in August, adding that overall demand for electricity was being tempered by more efficient homes and appliances.

Solar panels and wind turbines
Renewables, nuclear and gas powered the grid on Friday Credit: Reuters

“Days like this will become more and more common in the next two or three years, and by the early 2020s burning coal will become increasingly rare,” he said.

Greenpeace UK welcomed yesterday’s expected milestone.

The campaign group’s head of energy, Hannah Martin, said: “A decade ago, a day without coal would have been unimaginable, and in 10 years’ time our energy system will have been radically transformed again.”

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