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कश्मीर पर इस्लामिक देशों का खतरनाक वीत राग : Final Communique Of The 13th Islamic Summit Of The Heads Of State/Government Of The OIC Member States

कश्मीर पर इस्लामिक देशों का खतरनाक वीत राग :

Final Communique Of The 13th Islamic Summit Of The Heads Of State/Government Of The OIC Member States

Date: 19/04/2016

सदस्यों को याद होगा की कैसे भारत के मंत्री फखरुद्दीन अली अहमद को ओ आई सी की रियाध की बैठक से निकाल दिया गया था . भारत का कथन की भारत मैं अनेकों ओ आई सी देशों से अधिक मुसलमान हैं नहीं माना गया था . उसके बाद से यह संस्था पाकिस्तान की कठपुतली बन गयी है . मोदी जी को चाहे सब राष्ट्र अकेले मैं कुछ भी कहें परन्तु संयुक्त रूप से यह सब पकिस्तान के साथ हैं . इसलिए भारत को भी अपनी नीतियाँ सोच समझ कर बनानी चाहिए .

अप्रेल २०१६ की ओ आई सी की मीटिंग के बाद जारी की गई संयुक्त विज्ञप्ति  पर कश्मीर का जो वर्णन है वह नीचे प्रस्तुत है .


21. The Conference reaffirmed its principled support forthe people of Jammu and Kashmir for the realization of their legitimate right to self-determination, in accordance with relevant UN resolutions and aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It further reaffirmed that Jammu and Kashmir is the core dispute between Pakistan and India and its resolution is indispensable for bringing peace in South Asia.

22. The Conference called on India to implement numerous UN resolutions on Kashmir which declare that the final disposition of the State of Jammu and Kashmir would be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations. It further reminded the international community of its obligation to ensure implementation of UN resolutions on Kashmir and fulfill the promise made with the people of Jammu and Kashmir 68 year ago.

23. The Conference affirmed its support to the wide-spread indigenous movement of the people of the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOK) for their right to self-determination. It urged that freedom struggle must not be equated with terrorism.

24. The Conference expressed concern at the indiscriminate use of force and gross violations of human rights committed in IOK by Indian security forces which have resulted in killing thousands of innocent and unarmed civilians as well as injuring hundreds of others including women, children and elderly, most recently the killing of a 22 year old woman, Ms. Shaista Hameed in Pulwama on 14 February 2016.

25. The Conference welcomed the establishment of a standing mechanism by the OIC Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission (IPHRC) for monitoring the human rights situation in the Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. The Conference called upon India to allow the OIC Fact Finding Mission and the international human rights groups and humanitarian organizations to visit IOK. The Conference endorsed the recommendations of the OIC Contact Group on Jammu and Kashmir. It took note of the Memorandum presented by the True Representatives of the Kashmiri People to the Contact Group at its recent meeting.

26. The Conference called on the Islamic Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) and the Research Center for Islamic History, Art and Culture (IRCICA) to undertake activities to protect holy sites in Kashmir and preserve cultural rights and Islamic heritage. The Conference appealed to the Member States and Muslim institutions to grant scholarships to the Kashmiri students in deferent universities and institutions in OIC countries.

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