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धरती धोरा री : राजस्थानी वीर रस का गीत व् लेख

धरती धोरा री : अग्निवीर ब्लॉग

Dharti Dhora Ri… Lesson For Hindus In Real Valor & True Vairagya

By Sanjeev Newar –

The first 2 minutes of this Rajasthani song gives me goosebumps and brings blood in eyes. Best song ever by Vinod Rathod. Not because of voice, melody, or music. But for touching the nerve that defines me. Honored to have been gifted this legacy.
Those who understand Rajasthani, and know history behind each line sung by Vinod Rathod will know what I mean. Those who do not know this history, must strive to make this knowledge their top priority.

Keywords mentioned in first 2 minutes of this song – Panna, Pratap, Jauhar, Ran Rag Virag, Sainani, Durgadas.

Panna was maid of Rani Karnavati, wife of Rana Sanga and grandmother of Maharana Pratap. When enemies came to kill son of Rana Sanga, she put her own son on royal bed and pointed at her. Her son was killed in front of her own eyes. But Uday Singh was saved so that we could have Rana Pratap who ripped apart Mughal rule. This is the loyalty Hindus need.

No need to tell about Pratap, the legend who started the real war of independence. Who made so many cuts on the Mughal empire so much that it bled to death ultimately. This is the valor Hindus need. http://agniveer.com/?s=maharana

From Padmini to Karnavati, Rajasthan witnessed countless incidents of Sati – burning oneself to death to save being captured by Jihadis like Babur, Khilji and Akbar. Before speaking a single word of glory for Mughals, we must put a burning match to our face and feel what it feels. Top 5 contributions of invaders’ rule to women empowerment in India

Rajput Chundavat had to go to fight the Mughals at same time when it was his time to meet his newly wed wife Rani Hada. Rani felt he is getting distracted due to her love and may not fight as valiantly as he should. When reluctant Rajput asked maid to get him a gift from his wife that he can carry as memento in war, she send a gift that changed course of history. She sent her head. The hero tied the head to himself and fought a battle that tore apart the Auarangzeb forces. After victory, he sat down and cut his own head. This is not a Bollywood story, but real sacrifice that destroyed the tyranny of Jihadi Mughals. We must have this Karmayog if we say we are Hindus. (Sainani is gift in Rajasthani)

Duragadas Rathore was that hero who broke backbone of Aurangzeb rule and made it shatter into pieces. When Aurangzeb captured prince and queens of Marwar, Durgadas led a daring expedition to rescue them. In return, he captured family of Aurangzeb. But he kept them with dignity unlike Jihadis. We need such guts today. And also loyalty of Rajputs who gave life on command of Durgadas.


The line with Ran Rag Virag means that Rajasthan is the land where people have attained Vairagya for Moksha on battlefield, instead of comforts and peace.

Agniveer from Rajasthan: “I am also son of Rajasthan ( वीर भूमि ) <3 “ Shri Sanjeev: Being son was our fortune. Being deserving son will be our Purusharth. Agniveer from Rajasthan: Same with kanya (daughter)? SS: Of course. Actually responsibility for kanya is even more. She is foundation of civilization.

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