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Pulwama and Beyond : No Easy Options for India

Pulwama and Beyond : No Easy Options for India

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Two interviews on Pak TV Channels define Pakistani response to Pulwama attack .

Gen  Pervez Musharraf was bold and reckless as ever . He declared that every year hundreds of Youth offer to become mujahideen and die for Kashmir cause . They are civilans driven by highest moral conduct where for the sake of Kashimiris they are willing to lay down their lives . He had earlier in another interview declared Hafiz Saeed  as a great philanthropist . About JeM he was critical as it had tried to assassinate him( and he was saved by timely information given by RAW to ISI) . He had even declared Haqqani as hero and if I recollect well he was totally in support of Taliban . Gen Musharraf also talked about Indian attempt to weaken Pakistan economically by urging Islamic nations to reduce Pakistani workers and replace them by Indian muslim worlers .

On Pulwama he tried blaming lax security to poor soldiers while ministers move under full security . It according to him reflected Kashmiris frustration .

Gen Amjad Shoaib whose interview about suicide attacks starting in Kashmir is being broadcasted all over,  called it a false flag operation along with URI and Pathankot . He as well as Musharraf had threatened strong counter attacks if India tries intervening militarily  in Pakistan .

It makes it clear that Pakistani army will not rein its terrorist recruiter/trainers . It is now getting emboldened by Chinese and Russian support to Talibans and expect Taliban government in Afghanistan which will be friendlier with Pakistan .

So we must support our government knowing fully well that there is no easy solution inspite of having the best people at top.

It makes India’s response uncertain . Since Imran is only Pak Army’s proxy , it will not restrain its  Terrorist organisations .  Gen Singh former COC has also talked about increasing radicalization in valley . If we do nothing about 370 or 35A it is not going to help either  because in seventy years every solution has been tried and failed . 370 or 35A has not solved the problem also . A strong military response now is essential inspite of high cost . But unless we are able to impose punitive cost Pakistan will consider it our weakness and increase such incidents .

China in next ten years will become stronger and likely to get naval , army and Airbases in Gwadar by just painting Pak flag on its planes , submarines ships etc . It will have capacity to attack simultaneously from Arnachal to Lahore. The great himalyas may not save us much longer with Gwadar and CPEC .

West will love India to fight in Afghanistan , Pakistan and China because it helps them and we are expandable people .

Finally Srimati Indira Gandhi / Doval approach of supporting Mohajir / Balochistani movement vigously  is the only solution . But with Taliban government in Afghanistan it may not be easy . So we will have to have an alternative strategy of supporting them inspite of Taliban government . RAW was sold cheap by Morarji Desai and Inder Gujral . Kulbhushan case is another dampner . We may do now once more but cant have Uri every time .

The harassment of security forces by lodging FIRs and stopping checking of vehicles and locals must be stopped .

So having a separate new wing for Asymmetric Warfare with big budget is inevitable now .

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  1. February 18, 2019 at 8:18 pm #

    That’s extreme of Hindu pacifism. It is actually this attitude which has been at the root of ruthless oppression of Hindus.
    This is the time to strike hard like a bull. There is no other option for Hindus.

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