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Russia Invasion of Afghanistan and Chinese Occupation of Pakistan through CPEC have Identical Implication for World Peace : रूस के १९७९ मैं अफगानिस्तान व् चीन के सीपेक व् ग्वादर से पाकिस्तान मैं घुसने मैं विश्व शांति के लिए कोई अंतर नहीं है .

Russia Invasion of Afghanistan and Chinese Occupation of Pakistan through CPEC have Identical Implication for World Peace : रूस के १९७९ मैं अफगानिस्तान व् चीन के सीपेक व् CPEC1ग्वादर से पाकिस्तान मैं घुसने मैं विश्व शांति के लिए कोई अंतर नहीं है .

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जब रूस ने १९७९ मैं अफगानिस्तान मैं अपनी सेनायें भेजी थीं तो वहां पर रूस समर्थक सरकार थी . रूस को अफगानिस्तान से कोई ग्वादर सरीखी समुद्री बंदरगाह नहीं मिली थी और न ही अफगानिस्तान का कोई सामरिक महत्व था .इसके विपरीत पाकिस्तान पर चीनी आधिपत्य से विश्व शांति को कहीं अधिक खतरा है क्योंकि पाकिस्तान से चीन को अरब सागर व् ईरान इराक के तेल भंडारों पर कब्ज़े का रास्ता खुल जाता है .भारत के लिए तो यह स्थिति और भी भयानक है क्योंकि लाहौर से वह अपनी व् पाकिस्तानी सेनाओं से भारत पर सीधा हमला कर सकता है और ग्वादर बंदरगाह से उसके नौ सेना भारत पर हमला कर सकती है . चीन की यह ताकत जापान , कोरिया , विएतनाम के लिए भी बहुत बड़ा खतरा है . यह ताकत विश्व का शक्ति संतुलन पूरी तरह बदल सकती है जिससे अमरीका व् पश्चिमी राष्ट्रों को बहुत खतरा है .

इसलिए चीन व् पाकिस्तान के मैत्री व् व्यापार के अधिकारों को सुरक्षित दे कर उनके सामरिक मंसूबों को खत्म करना एक बहुत बड़ी परन्तु आवश्य्क चुनौती है जिसे अमरीका व् विश्व को पूरा करना होगा .

China’s entry and final occupation of Pakistan ,even in the garb of a civilian $46 billion deal of CPEC, is identical in implication for world peace and power balance to Russia’s occupation of Afghanistan in 1979. Just as China is a friend of the present Pakistan government , Russia too was a friend of Afghan government since the days of Daud Khan coup against  Zaheer Shah  in 1973 . China now not only gets a land route to invade middle east or India if it wants but also gets a naval base in Gwadar port thus giving it a control of Straits Of Hormuz thus controlling vital oil supply route to India , Japan and rest of the world . It can ease of pressure from choking of Straits of Malacca in case of war by using the proposed pipe line from Gwadar to Kashgar in China .It already has considerable energy security due to Russian mega gas deal worth $400 billion for thirty years .

This occupation of Pakistan by China is more dangerous than the Russian occupation of Afghanistan . Afghanistan was land locked and Baluchistan was part of Pakistan which was a much stronger country than Afghanistan .So the occupation of Afghanistan did not give Russia any immediate advantage although it gave it a hope or potential to reach an all weather port in Arabian sea . China has already an all weather road connection with Pakistan via the Karakoram highway . An addition of air ,rail and road connection with a pipe line will change the strategic balance of the area as China will be able to launch a major offensive against West and India through this route .Also a nuclear Pakistan can threaten and dominate the entire middle east through Chinese support . It already has potential to strike Israel by its long range missiles . Finally Pakistan will become a Chinese Israel but without its wisdom and intelligence .

Pakistan as a China’s strategic ally is more dangerous than Iraq or Syria as Russian ally . Pakistan is totally radicalized and has more lethal armed forces which if armed with full range of Chinese weapons could be much more formidable foe to civilized world than any other Islamic nation .

A question can be raised at this stage why should world fear a rise of China as a super power with Pakistan as its trusted ally like say Britain for USA ?

World did not object to Chinese economic rise as long as it was peaceful . Its sudden declaration of ‘ nine dash line ‘ as its territorial boundary and creation of military base by making an artificial island raised hackles all over the world about China not being a trust worthy nation . Its war with Vietnam in 1988 over the Spartly islands also showed world the likely bully face of China as a new super power . China has territorial disputes with all its major neighbors including India , Vietnam and Russia .Therefore world will not be able to trust China now .

India too faced a similar challenge of ownership of the likely oil fields in the international waters of Bay of Bengal . Instead of claiming unilateral rights over the International waters like China , it opted to go to International court and accepted its adverse verdict gracefully and surrendered its exploration rights to Bangladesh and Myanmar . Its peaceful approach has made India into a much more responsible and trust worthy International power.

India has the population and size to restrain China .All the smaller countries in the region are hoping for India to challenge the injustice of China . But India is neither militarily nor economically competent to challenge the Chinese might . Japan has the economic might but not the size to match China . America today is un challengeable militarily but will lose its sole super power status in the next twenty years . Therefore an alliance of America , Japan , South Korea and Phillippines with support of Australia and India is a timely requirement . But Russian and Iranian concerns need to be addressed to avoid an alternative military alliance of China , Pakistan , Iran and Islamic world opposing the Americans .Russia has been a very responsible nation in the last twenty five years and its Noth South corridor is a typical commercial project in contrast .iran russia afghanistn map

Therefore at present America and the civilized world has no option but to eliminate this threat to world peace and destroy the strategic part of CPEC deal of Pakistan by denying the Chinese Navy access and control over the Arabian sea at Gwadar and Rail/Road link to Kashgar . As far as the economic benefits of the trade deal are concerned both Pakistan and China can enjoy them as per the international law .

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