11:20 am - Thursday June 20, 2019

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ramayan egypt

रामायण से जुडा एक गुप्त रहस्य जिसके बारे में किसीको नही पता । Shocking secret of Ramayana

Very interesting information about influence of Ramayan in ancient civilizations of world .

Indian Innovation _ LED Display on T Shirt

An interesting innovation by young Indians from Hyderabad .Members may see the video. http://patriotsforum.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/wearable-tea-shirt.mp4
robot kitchen

Robotic Kitchen

Robotic Kitchen : readers may paste the URL in browser to view https://www.facebook.com/enjoyablescience/videos/268525576974608/
islamic terrorists

All Muslims Are Not Terrorists : An American Thoughtful Reply Worthy of Serious Consideration

We often hear the debate that even if most of the terrorists are muslims , most of the muslims are not terrorist. An American response in the video below is worth being considered seriously by the community . An active and determined opposition...
chali chali

चली चली रे पतंग मेरी चली रे – फ्रेंच गायक का अति सुन्दर गीत

पास्कल एनी फ्रेंच गायक का चली चली रे पतंग गाने का अति सुन्दर प्रदर्शन

तलाक़ , तलाक़ , तलाक़ – सुन्दर नृत्य नाटिका

Soulful rendition of a new well choreographed song .
Syed Salahudin

Revenge Of The 1972 Munich Olympics

Those celebrating naming of Syed Salahudin , Hizbul Chief released by India in Kandhar, as Global Terroristby America may see alternative in how Israelis avenged Munich Olympics Killings of its atheletes .
school bag

The School Bag : An outstanding fifteen minutes short film recommended for viewing

Readers may like to watch this outstanding fifteen minutes short film going viral starring Rashika Duggal and a child actotor Sartaz .

Miles to Go Before I Sleep : India’s Space Mission

While Indian launch of 3T satellite is a great achievement in self reliance as was the Mars mission which changed world opinion about us .Considering that US was obstructing our getting this technology it is even greater achievement .Our low...
hindustani musalmaan

Hindustani Musalmaan – Hussain Haidry

A good poem , enjoy watching its rendition