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Bike Pure is an independent not for profit organisation registered in Australia, promoting honest ethical cycle sport. We are strongly opposed to doping and stand together in a united position to begin a new era for cycle sport. Bike Pure has become an independent voice for honest, ethical cycling on a global scale, sending a powerful message that you don’t have to resort to taking illegal performance enhancing drugs to compete in cycle sport.

Bike Pure was conceived by it’s co-founders Myles McCorry and Andy Layhe out of the doping scandals that tarnished the 2008 Tour de France and has grown to become the world’s largest independent anti-doping and ethical sporting organisation of it’s kind. Both Myles and Andy work voluntarily from their bases in Ireland and Australia to run Bike Pure as a global organisation. Bike Pure is funded by donations, license agreements and sales via our online store. All proceeds go back into Bike Pure, ensuring that we can continue our profound message of promoting honesty and integrity in sport.

The most important and significant part of Bike Pure is that we do our utmost to educate riders, especially young riders as to the importance of honest and fair sport. This is done in a number of ways. We work closely with many cycling coaches and groups to educate and raise awareness of doping to their athletes. Bike Pure feel that correct guidance given to the next generation of riders will have a foundational effect in the decisions athletes make if they are ever faced with a decision to dope or cheat in sport. We distribute anti-doping literature at events and to members worldwide. Our growing list of supportive Bike Pure Ambassadors also promote our message at cycle races and events worldwide within their areas.

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