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Basis Band

Basis Band 480

Basis band
Most health monitors rely on a pedometer to tell you how active you’re keeping. The only trouble is that they’re not very good if you exercise by, for example, cycling or rowing. The Basis band is a heart-rate monitor that works without a chest strap so you can wear it all the time and get an accurate reading, no matter what you’re doing. The band is also loaded with other detectors, such as a galvanic skin response sensor which monitors sweat levels and an accelerometer so you can see how changes in your heart rate correlate with your exercise habits. This device could give you a more accurate picture of your health than any other consumer gadget to date.

How To Work
Finally, style meets substance.
From the very outset, we wanted Basis to go beyond being simply a motion-based, single-sensor device. And we wanted it to be well-designed—something familiar that fit perfectly into your lifestyle.

Basis is comfortable and looks great. It’s sleek, stylish, lightweight and customizable with straps in different colors. So it goes wherever you go and with whatever you’re wearing.

Beneath its polished surface lies serious technology. Your

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