6:00 am - Friday October 18, 2019

Mumbai Almost Tops In Returning The Lost Wallets – Global Survey

In a surprising finding in a global Mumbai almost tops the cities in returning the lost wallet with address inside ( Helenski top )  . Mumbai deserves the honour and to be honoured in giving country a good name . Even Brtish were surprised that even during famine people did not loot food . But our government servants were corrupt in moghul times and even Kautilya’s Arthshastra mentions it . Till 1970s our higher bureaucracy was relatively honest so were other state institutions . Possibly stoppage of funds to congress by syndicate supporters forced Smt Indira Gandhi to fnance elections from corruption . Since then it has only a downward slide . The present system of paying for vote has taken corruption to new heights .

Is there a solution ?

Public will love it as witnessed by public support to now establishe failed experiment of demonetization .

It will be in national interest too . How to achieve it , no one knows !


see the picture attached .


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