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India &Dismal Future Of Pakistan : From The Analysis of The Independence Day Speeches of Their Prime Ministers

India &Dismal Future Of Pakistan : From The Analysis of The Independence Day Speeches of Their Prime Ministers

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Its is easy to understand the state of India and Pakistan as countries by analyzing the speeches  given by its elected Prime Ministers on Independence Day .

modi-5Indian Prime Minister  Modi emphasized the need to control population although Indian population growth rate has now declined from 2.2%  in 1970  to 1.03  % now . But due to huge base it places great strain on national resources . Pakistan’s population has grown six times since independence against four times for India . Its current population growth rate is about 1.7% . Even Bangladesh has made great progress . Yet Imran Khan has no plan to control population .Imran in kashmir assembly

Indian PM made a mission of providing clean water to every home and controlling water consumption and wastage by new technologies . It allocated a huge sum  for this purpose . Pakistan faces much more severe water crisis due to population explosion , Its average annual rainfall is 300 mm compared to 500 mm of India . It is severely dependent on Indus river originating from Himalayas but due to global warming  glaciers are receding . Rain patterns are changing to uneven distribution .It has just two big dams with very low  water storage capacity . Yet it is not focusing on water . PM Imran Khan has no money or time for water . Though its Chief Justice  erroneously usurped executive powers by taking it on himself the task of making dams daimer bhashawith no idea of how costly and time consuming it is to make large dams . CJPs just cannot do it in any country much less in Pakistan .pak cji sadiq nissar

Indian Prime Minister talked of spending two lakh crore rupees ( $32 billion ) for developing infrastructure including roads , ports , airports etc  . Pakistan’s infrastructure particularly its Railway ,  is in shambles and CPEC is an exhorbitant solution which will reduce Pakistan to a Chinese colony but Imran Khan talked only about  Kashmir on which it has fought four futile wars .

Modi gave a target of making India a five trillion dollar economy in five years as it had succeeded in increasing the size of Indian economy from two to three trillion dollars in five years . Imran had no economic vision in his speech. In a twist of Make in India,  Modi  urged rich Indians going to foreign locations on holidays , to visit fifteen best Indian tourist destinations by 2022, bearing the hardship of poor infrastructure like lack of good hotels etc. . If like toilets , nation responds to PM’S call it will lead to big development in tourist infrastructure . Pakistan could also emulate Modi by asking overseas Pakistanis to visit one tourist destination in their visit to Pakistan .

In an overall analysis Pakistan on its independence only talks of revenge , fighting for Kashmiri’s rights  and wanted to declare India independence day as ‘Black Day ‘, a meaningless provocation,  while India laid goals of progress for next five years . It is this difference that has reduced Pakistan’s economy to shambles . People in Pakistan will suffer erosion of forty percent of its purchasing power in next five years yet they prefer to focus on emotive issue of Kashmir .

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan , a natural western educated liberal , often described as ‘Selected ‘ PM of Pakistani army, was echoing only the armed forces aggressive non creative thinking in POK assembly . Pakistan’s army and ISI have destroyed Pakistan by this confrontationist approach . It started and  lost four wars on Kashmir . Today even Pakistan’s army chief cannot control rogue ISI and its terrorist wing often misleadingly referred as ‘non state actors ‘. ISI is refusing to dismantle its carefully built terrorist network in spite of both Imran Khan and COAS Bajwa reportedly supporting it .

Pakistan has been destroyed by this flawed thinking and is unwilling to learn . Its future is only what is contained in Imran Khan’s independence day message promising more revenge and retaliation instead of improving lives of people.



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