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We should not underestimate the Pakistani threat : ज्ञानचक्षु

We should not underestimate the Pakistani threat : ज्ञानचक्षु – Rajiv Upadhyay rp_RKU-263x300.jpg


In this surcharged atmosphere about Kashmir , a lot of tall claims are being made about our military prowess by retired armed force people on TV Channels . It is the first principle of war that we should never underestimate the enemy . With growing Chinese support Pakistan is a formidable enemy . On Kashmir only the Chinese supported Pakistan in Security Council fully. With CPEC, Pakistan is virtually a Chinese territory . So attack on Pakistan will be almost like attacking China . A formal military pact is just a few steps ahead . Our situation is quite grim . We have none who can fight with China on our behalf nor are we willing to fight any where on any ones behalf . Western world is quite happy to see India , China , Pakistan getting economically destroyed in a war situation . It will increase their arms sale and reduce the Chinese threat .We are only protected by the Chinese ambition to avoid war till it can overtake USA .

Please see Praveen Swamy , a Defence Analyst’s  video below by clicking on the link .

I am quite impressed by the cold analysis . Pakistanis have always been one step ahead of us in defence .With no matching army they were able to snatch a large part of Kashmir from us in 1947 .
I regret that all these years  Pakistanis were never deterred by our armed forces and started all wars . They are not deterred even now.We have never been able to defeat them convincingly in western theater right upto Balakot . Pakistanis took us with surprise due to their better strategy in retaliatory air attack . They attacked us at shift change , could jam our communication completely and throw our defences off gear completely . Our Sukhois could not attack them due to their  100 km BVR missile range .The only difference Modi has made is that they are now afraid that their foolhardy actions like Mumbai or Pathankot will get swift and quick quick retaliation . They are again proving better than us on Kashmir in low cost proxy war by provoking our Kashmiri population to rise and resist by creating a global outrage on human rights . Baluchistan army , MQM etc have been liquidated . They will ultimately launch a Sri Lanka type attack by their sleeper cells here and some how frame RSS as anti minority. What will be our response if they succeed?
While Pakistanis upto defence minister level ( Khwaja Asif ) kept habitually boasting and threatening us with their tactical nuclear weapons we started very late . Sabre rattling from our side possibly is to deter Pakistanis from assuming that we will get threatened by their nuclear blackmail talks so they can plan any misadventure again . It is justified because as given in book ‘ ‘ Crossed Swords ‘ , Gen Ayub attacked us in 1965 because he believed that we cannot fight war .But we should not start believing our TV Channels .
Dr.Bharat Karnad , our best defence analyst ,  told me that India should raise Vietnam to Pakistan level. I donot think we will do that as we are scared of China. But there is no other option . Tibet cannot fight nor can Taiwan or Hongkong fight Chinese. ASEAN does not have the will to even join in any fight .Chinese bribed Philippines into submission . Obama had a global vision of stopping Chinese but Trump is focusing on re election and short term gains . His demands on India are unacceptable .USA is still in super power mode and does not take us or even Europe  seriously at present and keeps making weired demands . But in next fifteen years as it goes down it will take us more seriously. We are really on our own but our economy is doomed with jingoism impractical idealism taking charge of sound economic policies for growth .

250px-Socio-Economic_Status_of_PakistanisWhat Pakistanis and its armed forces do not realize foolishly that they have destroyed their economy and their nation by fighting a unnecessary proxy war with India just to ensure post retirement benefits of plots and jobs for army officers and kickbacks in arms purchase. CPEC will make it a colony of China. Future generations of Pakistan will regret the CPEC decision just as they regret Zia ul Haq today .Zia era has changed Pakistan to jihadi culture far from liberal Ghalib and sophisticated Mughal culture of Awadh prevailing there in 1947  . Although China can bail them out of just 100 billion dollar loan if it wants to attack India.But if India can avoid an open war Pakistanis will destroy themselves over expenditure on defence .
I heard their army is considering releasing Nawaz so that it can buy more ammunition for war ! In one more year they will realize that its armed forces are incapable of managing economy by proxies like Imran Khan and Nawaz era will appear far better inspite of its shortcomings . Pakistan’s judiciary , as in case of Bhutto’s hanging , shall carry the Nawaz’s albatross for ever . Pakistan should learn from India and China and freeze Kashmir for thirty years and focus on development .

But Swamy is dead right , we cannot underestimate Pakistan .

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    Pakistan and China, both can never be trusted.

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