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Pakistan In UN : Mr. Taliban Khan’s Tryst With Radicalism ,Terror and Victimology

rp_RKU-263x300.jpgPakistan In UN : Mr. Taliban Khan’s Tryst With Radicalism ,Terror and Victimology


For those used to nice diplomatic language being used in speeches in UN General Assemby , Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan’s dangerous rhetoric  and hate filled language on 27 th September , would have shocked and  beaten even Khrushchev’s record of hammering podium with his shoe in UN General Assembly after the speech of Philippines’ Lorenzo Sumolong when he  criticized Soviet depriving Eastern Europe of their civil and political rights . Unprepared for such massive onslaught and baseless aggression, Europe and west went momentarily into defence mode , out of utter shock and disbelief ,  by his brazen pro terrorist and radical islam  rhetoric . It  immensely pleased his people back home and terrorists and radical muslims globally particularly in the Islamic  world . It  is extremely dangerous for world peace and stability  if not checked in time  .

saudi grand mosque seizure

Imran Khan,  rather too cleverly, linked  growth of terrorism to publication of  Satanic Verses in 1988 , ignoring the beginning of the modern terror by hijacking TWA flight 840 in 1969 by Leila Khaled of PLO and massacare of Israeli atheletes in Munich Olympics in 1972 and hosts of plane hijackings and bomb attacks . His clever abuse of  the perfected art of ‘victimology’ to justify terror and using blatant liekhaled hijackers and distorting and misquoting . Before the publication of Satanic Verses in 1988 , in 1979 Saudi grand mosque was attacked killing 244 persons , 344 persons were killed in attack an American and French forces in Lebnon , Borobudur Buddhist temple was attacked in Indonesia , over dozen bombings took place in Paris in 1985-86 , US embassy was attacked in Lebnon along with so many terror incidents .

Displaying his selected amnesia further  , he continued misquoting facts and history  to justify misbehavior of muslim population abroad . It needs to be exposed before it wrongly puts liberal western world in further defence mode out of unjustified guilt conscience and inspire all budding global terrorists to become even more active and lethal . Instead of repenting the misdeeds and misuse of hospitality by of his fellow ummah brothers,  which lead to accumulated anger in west ,he falsely accused  world of bias against muslims and wanting west to give up their liberal values for the sake of Islam while making no similar concession to western sensibilities in their own country  or in Islamic countries . Appeasement , Europe knows only too well, is no option to those pandering hidden terror agenda .

The Pakistani prime minister , often called Taliban Khan before , is a danger to liberal free world as apart from inspiring fresh wave of terror globally he could also ultimately make Pakistan a nuclear supermarket as done earlier for Iraq ,Syria , Libya , North Korea and possibly also Iran by another Pakistani Khan ie Abdul Qadeer Khan , the man who stole nuclear secrets from Netherland  and sold them world over. His utterances in UNGA needs to be evaluated further in depth for likely influence on world peace .

To set records straight let us examine the oldest incident quoted by him in UNGA about a Jew winning a court case against Caliph in medina . He however conveniently forgot how the entire male population of jew tribe Banu Qurayza was slaughtered and their women and children distributed amongst soldiers as slave in the same Medina  or how all but just  eleven jews were slaughtered in 1465 in Fez and Morocco when a jewish deputy minister mistreated some muslim woman .The Dhimmi status of jews was totally forgotten . Jews are the most persecuted people for the last thousand years . Even those who disapprove  the current actions of Israel should know this part of history. Muslim kings making minarets of hindu skulls after war need not be told to him as he is a part of that history .I am sure Imran Khan knows it too but he suffers from selected amnesia.

Let us examine his next theory of victimhood about muslim being marginalized and thus leading them to radicalism in Europe . 1200 German woman were raped and assaulted on the new year night by muslim refugees in 2015/16 . It is only the back ward bending Germans , possibly due to the guilt of holocaust that let this incident go virtually unpunished . In Trump’s USA each of those guilty refugees would have died after due prosecution and a million of them would have been shipped back home rightly because you do not abuse liberty in a country that gives you asylum and saves you from prosecution and death  in your own country. Is it radicalization due to victimhood ? Was lyinching of Mashal Khan , an Ahmadi Pashtun  student ,to death , in the presence of 25 police man in a university in Mardan done  by the radical muslims students inspired by their victimhood ? Although the state punished his attackers but the mindset of the majority is indicative of real Pakistan . In UNGA each word delivered by heads of states is traditionally weighed carefully for its long term effect . Uncontrolled utterances of Mr . Taliban Khan will prove a disaster for civilized world if allowed to go unpunished . UN Secretary General should admonish him for misusing the podium .

Mr. Taliban Khan wanted muslim sensibilities not to be offended abroad .In Saudi Arabia strict Islamic laws are applied on every citizen living there inspite of his nationality .For example eating publicly in Ramdan is not allowed for non muslims even . Hindus cannot read Ramayan in homes even . Women were not allowed to drive . Foreigners are supposed to follow the Saudi law . So why muslims seek exemptions from following cultural norms and laws of other countries . Europe is totally justified in banning Burqa in public as it hurts majority and is offensive to their culture . It must ban other vulgar diplays of religiosity like use of mikes in Azans in mosques or namaz in public parks or roads .Let Pakistan first compare west with its brother nations in matters of citizenship , marriage etc . and improve the conditions of ‘Muskeens’ in the Islamic world . His western background and contacts are just  being misused as a convenient Trojan horse by Islamic radicals to destroy the progressive western society by weakening it from within .

Now let us come to more dangerous parts of his speech . His admission that if muslims do not get justice in Europe or elsewhere they are justified in picking up guns because he would do the same  . His statement violates the rule of law , a basis of western world for last two thousand years .It  will embolden and inspire muslims to scare and subdue west by a unleashing a selective blood bath into surrender to Islamic fundamentalism . West needs a Margret Thatcher again to defend the core western values of liberty freedom of speech and rule of law even if not approving the Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdi . The unity displayed by western leaders against attack on Charlie Hebdo needs to be strengthened not weakened by utterances of a Trojan wolf  pandering as liberal sheep in UNGA .

Talking of Palestine people,  they are being used as canon fodder by the ambitious politicians , of the Islamic countries, currently by Turkey’s Erdogan and Mr. Taliban Khan  . Jordan had offered them land on west bank and Jordanian citizenship in 1948 . Arab league opposed it . Later Jordan withdrew the offer due to impractical demands . Similarly  If the Oslo  accords of 1993 and 95 were accepted and implemented honestly Palestine people  would have been much better off than today . Islamic nations do not give peace a chance by realistic counselling .Buckling to public pressure, Arafat abandoned it , compared it to the treaty of Hudaibiya made but not observed and honoured by prophet himself subsequently  . Palestine lost another golden opportunity . The new emerging unholy alliance of  populist leaders of Turkey , Pakistan and Malyasia trying to  rekindle the old problem needs to be nipped in bud . Egypt in contrast is enjoying peace due to a realist Anwar Sadat who paid for peace by his life .

Mr. Taliban Khan was so moved by the plight of Kashmiris denied mobile phones and internet or freedom to protest but he had no such pity for hundreds of thousands of Kashmiri pundits expelled violently from Kashmir over night by Pakistani inspired and funded terrorist groups . The regressive Article 370 of Indian constitution applicable in  Indian Kashmir was a temporary part of Indian constitution changed due to its misuse,  by following the due process of Parliamentary approval . Pakistan misused the UNGA podium to not only interfere but inspire revolt against the democratic government of another member state . He needs to be severely reprimanded for this impropriety by the UN Secretary General.

Pakistan narrative of being a victim of terror is totally flawed . Its attempt to brow beat and hoodwink USA  on ex Afghanistan war mujahidins abandoned by USA in Pakistan and their taking up terror inadvertently as a compulsion needs severe debunking . The two military dictators of Pakistan Zia ul Haq and Musharraf were keen to legitimize their illegal governments . They could have let US do fighting in Afghanistan by just giving logistic support from Pakistan . Instead they jumped in fully in an alien war with their military and accepted huge monetary compensation in lieu of the military services . A democratic government would not have re entered Afghan war after 9 / 11 but a dictator legitimized himself at the cost of population . How is America to blame ?

As far as terrorism in India is concerned,  it is a permanent policy feature of Pakistan army , not linked to Afghanistan . Even before Bangladesh was formed East Pakistan was used to destablise India . Sanjay Hazarika in his book ‘Stranger in Mist ‘gives graphic account of how ULFA terrorist Paresh Baruah and his friend landed in Karachi in 1991 to get Pakistani support . Not knowing any one there they just went to a police station to get ISI support . It is the policy of Pakistan army to use terror to be one up on India which is a much bigger country and army . Zia refined it and called it bleeding by thousand cuts . Buyoed by their success in Afghan war it unleashed jobless mujahidins on Kashmir . So many Kashmiri youth died in aftermath . It had created Punjab insurgency .It is trying to do same now . China is their big supporter as a common enemy .

mumbai taj attackSo Mumbai attack of 26/11 , bombings , Akshardham , parliament attacks etc have no linkage to Afghan mujahidins who regrouped as TTP and Pakistani casualties in defeating them . Mr. Taliban Khan once again misled the world by a false narrative.

Pakistan was so far encouraged by India’s restraint as mistaken belief of a  responsible power . PM Modi has adopted ‘eye for an eye’ policy and thus rant against him and RSS in UNGA by the selected PM , Mr. Taliban Khan Niyazi .

World should not encourage the enfant terrible by giving him  attention or milk but punish him for his misdeeds.






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  1. Azadeh Ahadian
    September 30, 2019 at 6:07 pm #

    Excellent article. It is very well written.

  2. September 30, 2019 at 7:09 pm #

    I felt, this lunatic was reading a script authored by Dawood Ibrahim !!

  3. sampath
    October 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm #

    Excellent. I read it thrice. Deep insight as always with RKU.

  4. sampath
    October 12, 2019 at 4:52 pm #

    Excellent. I read it thrice. Deep insight as always with RKU.

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