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Should Indians Visit Leh- Laddakh, Kashmir , Rajasthan or Bali etc Instead of Malaysia and Turkey This year

Erdogan ImranShould Indians Visit Leh- Laddakh, Kashmir , Rajasthan or Bali etc  Instead of Malaysia and Turkey This year

On 15 th August, Prime Minister Modi requested rich Indians to visit fifteen Indian tourist spots ,bearing the difficulties of infrastructural deficiencies in preference over foreign locations . This would lead to development of good tourist infrastructure in India . Last year 4.7 million Indians visited foreign countries against 1.07 crore foreigners visiting India . US ,UK China were the first preference of Indian tourists . Many of these would be NRIs visiting India . Almost 6 lakhs Indians visited Malaysia and 2.5 lakh Indians visited Turkey .

Both of these are fast becoming very popular destination for Indian tourists . About six lakh Indians visit China every year . Many of them would be for trade and education .

mahathir-mohamed-apthese three countries supported Pakistan on Kashmir issue in UN last month . But Malaysia went farthest with its PM Mahatir calling India an aggressor and occupier ignoring that the state of J&K merged with India after signature of the accession instrument by Maharaja Hari Singh . Similar stance by taken by Turkey . Malaysia and India have very good relations so its unprecedented extreme stand was a big surprise for India . In fact India gave so much concession to Malaysia on palm oil duty that indigenous mills started facing closure and some reversal had to be done . Arab world has realized that India possibly has as many muslims as Pakistan and Bangladesh and so has become neutral between India and Pakistan . Erdogan of Turkey is possibly hoping to become the Caliph of the Islamic world . Turkey, Malaysia and Pakistan are wanting to start a news channel together aimed at projecting good image of Islam in west . They are possibly trying to become Trimuvarte of Islamic world just as Nehru , Sukarno, Nasser  and Tito had become the pillar of non aligned movement . With Pakistan’s presence  it too will become a vehicle for anti India propaganda . Pakistan is trying to sell a large number of JF 17 BLOCK -3  planes to Malaysia  and Turkey may supply its fifth generation aircrafts to Pakistan made from the F 35 technology it got from USA as a Nato member . Malaysia has also given asylum to Zakir Naik wanted for criminal cases in India .So Malaysia has possibly chosen Pakistan over India as a friend . Indonesia on the other hand chosen India as a defence partner .JF 17

So if patriotic Indians decide to follow PM Modi’s call to visit Indian tourist destinations instead of foreign locations , Malaysia and Turkey should be dropped  first . While our trade and commercial relations could remain unaffected but at least we need not visit these two countries for two years for pleasure . Instead we can visit Indian destinations like Leh- Laddakh , Rajasthan, Goa  or even Bali but avoiding these countries . It does not violate any international protocol or agreement with ASEAN.

So all Indian out bound tourists and travel agents may consider this option in pursuance of PM Modi’s independence day call .

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