3:59 am - Sunday January 26, 2020

Pakistan Trying Another Bigger Mumbai ! : Dangerous Exhortation Of Retd.General Aslam Beg

In the last three months PM Modi has frustrated every effort of Pakistan to gain any International support on Kashmir . It could not get backing of even sixteen nations to bring a resolution in Human right council of UN. Security Council passed no resolution .In another six months the issue will be totally forgotten . Pakistan’s  over reaction was not justified as no international boundaries were violated and it had done same to Gilgit Baltistan and POK .But Imran Khan raised it to war pitch hoping to turn nation’s attention away from economic hardships and mis governance  and satisfying his mentor and master General Bajwa and his army . He tried assuming Islamic’s block leadership along with Turkey and Malaysia . It too boom ranged as Saudi Arabia was not pleased with Turkey trying to displace it from leadership role of Islamic world . Malaysia will also regret the loss of Palm oil trade with India for such a waste of effort .To its credit the enormous effort made by Pakistan did succeed in a lot of newspaper articles being written against India but they will be forgotten if there are no bulk deaths in the next six months .

General Aslam Beg , a hardliner retired COAS of Pakistan, in a dangerous interview,  exhorted Pakistan to do some thing brave and shocking like Iran’s attack on the Saudi oil installations which shifted the balance of power from Israel to Iran . The interview can be seen by clicking on the link given below . General Aslam Beg like another famous late ISI Chief Lt Gen Hameed Gul , believes that Pakistan has a  natural reservoir of brave fighters in Afghanistan . If they are used properly Pakistan can rule India and use and control  its huge economy . ( https://youtu.be/-LTvXzIbsQE)

This pipe dream does not pitch the regular Pakistan army against the superior Indian army but uses the cheap and emotional Afghan Taliban fighters for Pakistan’s benefit . It can either be by launching another Kashmir Jihad and Khalistan movement or a series of bold terror attacks like Mumbai , Parliament attack , possibly on our nuclear installations . As the Imran government fails more on economic and international fronts, the rogue elements of ISI will  be tempted or inspired to plan such attacks secretly with the  drug money and with out the government or COAS approval .

India needs to plan a massive counter offensive which can be launched preemptively to nip such an effort in bud . It is very difficult but the rogue elements of ISI who have worked with Gen Hameed Gul or Gen Aslam Beg will try some thing unthinkable if Pakistan goes further into an economic mess  .

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