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What Do Ayodhya Excavation Tells Us – K.K.Muhammed , archeologist

What Do Ayodhya Excavation Tells Us – K.K.Muhammed , archeologist Aodhya excavation

The educatedliberal hindus often recall that the most popular bhajan of Baiju Bawara ie Man Tadpat Hari Darshan ko aaj ‘ was witten by Shakeel Budayuni , sung by Muhammed Rafi to the music set by Naushad . Even me in an earlier post had called Rahi Masoom Raja , a modern Vyas because his script and dialogues of the B.R.Chopra’s Mahabharat cannot be excelled by any one else.

To my surprise I saw this video on Ayodhya excavation by of Indian archeologist K.K.Muhammed . His dispassionate analysis , depth of scriptural knowledge and exposing the role of Marxist Historians is very inspiring . The video begins with excavation of Hastinapuram by BB Lal , under sea Dwarka by S.R.Rao and comes to details of Ayodhya . Although one is tired of Ayodhya now but it is worth seeing even if in parts . K.K.Muhammed as a young archeologist was part of the BB.Lal team and is obviously inspired by him .





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