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Palestine and Arab & Islamic Countries’ Support : चढ़ जा बेटा सूली पर भला करेंगे राम

Palestine and Arab & Islamic Countries’ Support : चढ़ जा बेटा सूली पर भला करेंगे राम

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A Pakistani media anchor Javed Chaudhury , in his TV program, narrated a story  reportedly told by Singapore’s ex PM Lee Kuan . He said in his younger days as a lawyer in Singapore, he used to get clients both from hindu and muslim communities . The stark difference between them was in their normal response to adverse positioning . If Lee Kuan advised that the case is weak , the hindus will always ask him to help in arranging a reasonable compromise but the muslims will insist on filing the case with assurance that even if I am not alive my son will continue to fight the case and his son after him . One can see the evidence of this conduct and its consequence with Palestine people and the result of Arab and Islamic countries support.

When UN passed the resolution in 1948   dividing the British Palestine as two separate countries  between Palestine and Jews people and Jerusalam as an independent city .The land allocated to the Arab State in the final plan included about 43% of Mandatory Palestine and consisted of all of the highlands, except for Jerusalem, plus one-third of the coastline. The highlands contain the major aquifers of Palestine, which supplied water to the coastal cities of central Palestine, including Tel Aviv.The Jewish State allocated to the Jews, who constituted a third of the population and owned about 7% of the land, was to receive 56% of Mandatory Palestine, a slightly larger area to accommodate the increasing numbers of Jews who would immigrate there. The Jewish State included three fertile lowland plains – the Sharon on the coast, the Jezreel Valley and the upper Jordan Valley. The bulk of the proposed Jewish State’s territory, however, consisted of the Negev Desert,[49] which was not suitable for agriculture, nor for urban development at that time. The Jewish State would also be given sole access to the Sea of Galilee, crucial for its water supply, and the economically important Red Sea.

Israel had assured that Arabs living in Israel area will be treated as equal citizens avoiding any uprooting of people . If this proposal was accepted the Palestine nation would have been formed in 1948 and if handled with maturity the two countries could have progressed by now ,as members of supportive United Nations . America was still rich and neutral and would have supported both the nations the way it helped the war torn Europe and Japan in economic recovery.

The Arab league however rejected the UN proposal and instead Jordan ,Egypt etc attacked the nascently formed nation of Israel .It was a miracle how the new tiny nation was able defeat the much bigger armies of Islamic nations and survive as an independent country gaining much of the British governed area . Jordan annexed and occupied the West bank of Jordan river and Egypt occupied the Gaza strip and set up a Palestine government there . Jordan had even offered Palestine its limited citizenship which was rejected .In 1956 Israel occupied Gaza strip during Suez war and expelled the Palestine government .This was vacated and Palestine government was relocated  after Egypt won the Suez war . In 1959 Egypt merged the Palestine government in UAR formed with the merger of Egypt , Iraq and Syria . Gaza strip was placed under an Egyptian military administrator . In 1964 Yasser Arafat formed PLO and was given a seat in Arab League . In six days war in 1967, Israel won back West bank from Jordan and Gaza strip from Egypt . Palestine were left with no land . Hundreds of thousands of Palestine people moved to Jordan . But after 1970 Palestine Jordan civil war they were again uprooted and were moved to Southern Lebanon creating a ‘ Fatah land .’   In 1982 PLO was defeated in a civil war in Lebanon and had to move to Tunisia .In  1993, Oslo peace treaty allowed Arafat to form a Palestine National Authority in Gaza and West bank . Hamas &  and other militant groups in Lebanon rejected the accord and continued attacking Israel .Israel premier Rabin had to pay with his life , just like Anwar Sadat ,for trying to usher the illusive peace in the region.  Following his assassination the successor government backed off the deal . In 2006 Hamas won 44 % votes in PNA and refused to accept Israel’s right to exist .The peace became even more illusive !

In 2020 , president Trump has proposed a new plan , giving Israel Jerusalam as capital and  West bank , taking away the right of Palestine people to return to their land . Palestine National Authority will get a very small part of land granted under Oslo accord and will have to live under Israel’s security . It is obviously Israel’s wish list with PNA not being even consulted . It has promptly rejected the plan . OIC too  will reject it .Turkey , Malaysia and other OIC  countries will vocally support it but will give no military or financial support . This greatly unequal  battle has to be fought only by the Palestine people . With Afghanistan , Iraq , Libya and Syria gone ,no Islamic country can openly challenge Trump’s plan militarily. Palestine is supported by Iran which is also under tremendous pressure . Russia , the former supporter, has the military might but no money .Palestine is really, friendless , resource less  and cannot fight Israel . But Islamic nations , as in past, will not let it have peace in spite of seventy years of unsuccessful war , confirming what Lee Kun had said about muslim conduct.

It may be seen from the map  that if the Palestine people had accepted the UN resolution, they would have prospered peacefully to Jordan’s economic standard . Seventy years of proxy war on behalf of ambitious Islamic countries ( now Turkey) has ruined them and made them weaker and smaller with each rejection of peace accords .

Yet sanity is not likely to prevail in that area with now Israel being the sole unquestionable nuclear power and PLO refusing to buckle with just vocal support of OIC . The next stage will be worse with Israel just merging PNA as an autonomous province of Israel with a wall around . There may even be a transfer of muslim population if provoked .It will be really an autonomous open air jail yet Israel cannot really be faulted because Islamic nations never accepted its existence when they mattered . Now with oil in surplus after shale oil discovery in USA ,and rise of solar , wind and nuclear power , OIC will soon be a totally toothless body . President Trump is likely to win the next term and the life will be much  worse for Palestine people if they out rightly reject his plan ..

How can sense be drilled into OIC to let Palestine people have a peaceful and normal decent life after seventy years of fruitless war and no hope in future  !palestine loss of land

But in the next OIC summit in Pakistan , it will cite the Hadiths predicting Ghazwa e hind in which dark planes from Khursan will demolish rulers in Jerusalam . The decision, in all likelihood , will be to reject Trump’s proposals with each country seeking some favours from USA individually !

With such friends does Palestine need an enemy ?

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