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Unpublicised Side Of Our Economy – unverifiable e mail in circulation

Readers may see and let us know if any thing is wrong so that others can be warned


While everyone is busy debating on India-Pakistan, 370-Kashmir, Hindu-Muslim, CAA, NRC, NPR, etc,  we miss to notice what’s happening to our country in & around !!!
Recent data & Situation of our Country
– Vodafone is in loss of ₹50,000 Crore.
– Airtel is in loss of ₹23,000 Crore.
– BSNL is in loss of ₹14,000 Crore.
– MTNL is in loss of ₹755 Crore.
– BPCL is in loss of ₹750 Crore.
– SAIL is in loss of ₹286 Crore.
– AIR India is in loss of ₹4600 Crore.
– Spice Jet is in loss of ₹463 Crore.
– Indigo is in loss of ₹1062 Crore.
– BHEL is in loss of ₹219 Crore.
– India Post is in loss of ₹15,000 Crore.
– GMR Infra is in loss of ₹561 Crore.
– YES Bank is in loss of ₹600 Crore.
– Union Bank is in loss of ₹1190 Crore.
– PNB Bank is in loss of ₹4750 Crore।
– Axis Bank is in loss of ₹112 Crore.
Apart from the above
– Jet Airways closed.
– BSNL 54,000 may cut more jobs.
– No money to pay salary for HAL employees.
– 1 million to be laid off in Auto Industry.
– 12.76 lakhs houses unsold in 30 major cities.
– Aircel and Docomo is dead.
– JP Group finished.
– Most profitable company in India – ONGC is now making losses.
– 36 largest debtors missing from country.
– Rs 2.4 lakh crores loan waive off for a few corporates.
– All banks incurring huge losses.
– External debt on country 500+ Billion Dollars.
– Railways are on sale.
– Renting heritages including Red Fort.
– Largest car maker Maruti cuts production.
– Rs 55000 crores car inventory lying at factories, with no buyers.
– Builders all over stressed. Some committing Suicide, no buyers.  Construction Stopped due Mat cost rise (GST at 18% to 28%).
– OFB under corporatization affecting over 1.5 lac employee & families.
– Millions unemployed due to Demonetization.
– Highest unemployment in 45 years.
– 5 airports sold to Adani.
– Highest domestic stagflation.
– Record HNI individuals leaving India.
– Videocon bankrupt.
– Tata Docomo perished.
– CCD founder VG Siddhartha committed Sucide due to huge debt.
– Reputed Biscuits Companies like Parle-G on the verge of terminating it’s employees.
…Many nationalized banks have merged, many branches have literally closed, huge numbers of ATM’s Rooms are set down,
May be many more…
Note: Nothing is shown in media. And media is busy debating India Vs Pakistan, and Hindu Vs Muslims who were living peacefully with tranquility except occasional disturbances.
It’s our duty to let all others know the real picture.
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One Response to “Unpublicised Side Of Our Economy – unverifiable e mail in circulation”

  1. February 4, 2020 at 10:42 am #

    All these are shown and very well known to all in the country. Anti-national media have been crying rivers of tears for the last 6 years for these facts.

    Had these not have happened, I would have been alarmed. When 86% currency is suddenly withdrawn to neutralise ten-lakh crores worth counterfeit currency waiting to enter, GST enforced, DBT introduced, IBCode enforced, fiscal leakages plugged, RERA enforced, Aadhar mandatory, Benami Property Act enforced, thieves / Naalaayaks booted out of bureaucracy, hunting down NPAs of PSU banks, Railway bureaucracy grabbed by their collars (they have been enjoying lives like Gora Maharajas hitherto !!) for performance…..these setbacks are bound to happen before a new phase of growth starts. And that has already started. 452 billion US $$ as reserves now, is not a joke. It is a litmus test to confirm revival of economy and strong confidence in the Govt.

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