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Facade of Equal Security Collapses In Ladakh – Pravin Swami : का वर्षा जब कृषि सुखानी

का वर्षा जब कृषि सुखानी : Facade of Equal Security Collapses In Ladakh – Pravin Swami

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India is today in a very unprepared position in Ladakh as compared to China. In the name of military exercise they have accumulated huge arsenal but also have tested and calibrated it for high altitude. They have complete war machine active there including artillery, possibly missiles , very sophisticated jammers . The LAC is only an imaginary line which Chinese have abandoned now . They are possibly claiming Ladakh to be a part of Pakistan . Even if India moves untrained un acclimatised soldiers from elsewhere  they will be fit for only  policing duty. Our artillery will need high altitude calibration . Really we are in another Kargil by deceit by Chinese and they have stationed themselves on high peaks over looking our road. Chinese have won the perception battle by imprisoning and subsequently releasing our ten soldiers. Even if Chinese relents to give a face saving they will extract a much higher price now. But a war to defend Galwan valley and Pangong lake is inevitable in future and we  have to be prepared to defend our territory . Inspite of his bold reversal of infrastructure policies in hilly areas of Ladakh and Arunachal border PM Modi  has become a victim by  trusting Chinese, just like Pandit Nehru. The crowded world will not yield us our due space without our jostling and winning it . Even USA prevented us from launching GISAT -1 satellite and not letting us develop Surya 130000 km ICBM  missile or anti satellite missiles . No one really wants a powerful India . A war or show of force will be essential and no diplomacy can succeed without economic and military might.

We should stop being Babuish in defence matters . For too long Babus have dominated in defence and must be removed now as they cannot change their skewed self oriented thinking . We should always have all ammunition for twenty two days war on both fronts and service chief should be given financial powers to avoid a faux pas like Abhinandan capture . CVC / CBI should be kept out of emergency purchases and only the best should be bought to retain our technological advantage. Assured Oil supply has to be organised for sixty days at least as Pakistan with Chinese submarines will be able endanger our supplies from middle east after just five years . All states and organisations must increase oil storage capacity . Apart from Russian 21 Mig- 29  and 12 Sukhois we should immediately place extra order for 18 improved Rafale in last contract  with long range Meteor missiles . Will USA permit us to lease fifty F-35 from Israel or any other country with all weapons and training to over take J-20. Otherwise let us decided on MMRCA tender as six  years under Modi government and ten years under congress government is enough time to deliberate on one purchase !

Our missile inventory should be quickly built up . We have only being doing testing them but for Akash and Brhmos whose orders have been placed . In hill areas Prahar is often more useful than Brahmos . Chinese will begin war by raining missiles on our air defence installations and possibly have swarm drones in huge numbers which like Babars camel back guns can have totally unpredictable outcome in a war .Chinese have now occupied peaks in Galwan and reversal may not be possible.They are intent on taking entire Pangong lake and Galwan valley that connects to Tibet . Pakistan had blocked our radio communication so easily after Balakot. Chinese are much better in jamming  and cyber warfare . We must have best secure communication and engage the best agency for cyber security . Supply lines and logistics are another challenge. China will soon also show off its naval might particularly submarines in Arabian sea. For our Poseidon fleet ,full submarine hunting and killer missiles need to be purchased from USA . We are short of AWACS .Everyone is being Shyloc in getting highest concession for giving us weapons . We have not spent enough on defence research and just five years of peace are enough for Babus to derail us . We need a fifteen year continuous research  with out ministerial interference and assured budget to partially catch up with China . DRDO should be accountable but totally independent as Private sector cannot do it . Babus use even anonymous complaints to control DRDO, HAL etc just to satisfy their power craze.

Our flirting with USA has not given us matching security benefits so far  . As Pravin Swamy says this two stool policy has provoked every one but has not endeared us to any one . A common transferrable asset type military alliance now has to be stitched as Chinese cannot be stopped by any one alone including USA . China wants us to be out of Hong Kong debate like Japan and not meddle with Taiwan and South China Sea. Trump is still not clear on level of military engagement with China and cannot take allies with him due to his abrasive style. Europe and Russia have been totally neutral as they are really subservient to Chinese. Every one wants to fight a proxy war with China and who is every ones choice to lead , India !

So who is our real friend !

The video below by defence expet Pravin Swamy of Magazine Force gives details which are extremely scary. The video may be seen in full as rarely some one speaks with such candor.




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