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By Ramakant Tiwariramakant-tiwari

Human nature continually vacillates between extremes. While migrating from one extreme to another, human consciousness undergoes moderation too. So has been going on eternally, shall continue eternally till a newer version of human species is born or the present one undergoes cataclysmic evolution.

Sanatana Dharmi-s i.e. followers of Sanatana Dharma, a hundred crore strong population in Bharata and also known as Hindu-s, continued worshipping their deities, nature, ancestors with multiple choice of rituals albeit under the umbrella of only one Absolute Entity of Param Brahmatma. Under this absolute entity of Param Brahmatma and His Vedanta, every Hindu enjoyed unmitigated liberty to design, articulate her / his own rituals and religion in consonance with his / her conviction, comfort and convenience. As human mind adores liberty, liberty to articulate one’s own spiritual endeavour became hugely popular, so much so that almost entire globe lapped it up adoringly, multiple evidence of which are discovered even today through archaeological excavations and explorations. So unity and uniformity of faiths and faith-practices under the central ‘command’ of one absolute entity and one absolute wisdom have been in existence for thousands of centuries. Sanatana Dharma offered both simultaneously, liberty to design one’s own spiritual regime under centrality of just one, The Absolute One. It was an ideal dispensation in harmony with all aspects of human instincts, gained enormous following all over the globe. However with passage of time, some evil-intentioned ones visualised rigidly defined codes to win over communities and territories, expand them persistently to lord over them eventually.


After a long spell of continuance of innumerable faiths, cults, sects and objects of worship, a motley group of ‘smart’ Johnnies visualised, why not have one single theological doctrine with just one point of worship, one set of rules to adhere to in the name of uniformity in spiritual domain facilitating capture of entire world in the garb of providing some illusory protection with piety. Quite ironically, they were searching for an extreme from the realm of a semblance of moderation in multiplicity and dispersal of innumerable spiritual strives !! Since they could discover none, they created one. Thus centuries ago, one God in the name of Abraham was conceptualised and the long-drawn battle of bringing entire humankind under the umbrella of Abraham commenced. One by one, ranging from tiny to faiths with huge following, began falling under Abraham-trap. Soon it pullulated so much so that even enormous ancient civilizations of Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt and Rome too were engulfed into it. Leaders of Project Abraham always believed stridently, Hindu-s have been wasting their lives and existence itself, had no reason to exist that way and must convert to accept Abraham as the ‘Only God That Exist’s’ !! They derisively called us ‘pagans’ and liberty to articulate one’s own religion under one absolute entity as ‘no religion at all’ !! They soon came out with the doctrine of ‘Only my way’ with no other way acceptable at all.


Champions of Project Abraham conceptualised ‘divide and convert’ under which they divided and sub-divided entire Hindu community into innumerable fractions so that smaller fractions could be comfortably swallowed in the process of completely wiping out Sanatana Dharma as ‘Mission Accomplished’ is impossible without that. Some of those pernicious divides are minoritism, casteism, gender-bias, majoritarianism, liberalism, Islamophobia (but not Kafirophobia !), Jesus Died Only For You, Jesus Loves You, Jesus-Phobia, Good-news, miracle cures…even Jesus Surya Namaskar, Jesus-Yoga !! The joke that Jesus is so much influenced by Sanatana Dharma that he converted himself while attempting to convert poor innocent Hindu-s, gained widespread popularity. Abrahamics ‘fear’ even a trace of Hindu-renaissance or Hindu-unity in spite of their presence in more than 100 countries dotting Planet Earth, threaten to summon support from anyone of them just in case required to protect them from ‘Hindu-tyranny’ which never existed. Illicit crusade of Project-Abraham has been so effective that they succeeded in imposing a blatantly anti-Hindu Constitution with ‘Enough is enough’ Hindu-assertiveness being maligned as ‘majoritarianism’ in spite of all important Government bodies going against Hindu’s interest so often. Dubious ‘theological’ doctrine of secularism is invoked with the sole intention to cover up their sinister designs dedicated to destroy Sanatana Dharma, Hindu heritage or Hinduism itself slyly spread over a long period of time. Interestingly, secularism was conceptualised and enforced by British politicians to prevent British clergy from interfering in their activities of corruption and debauchery during 16th/17th century, expanded thereafter to execute and justify colonialism.


In the original Constitution of Bharata approved by the Constituent Assembly, the term of secularism did not exist at all. Respect and receptivity for all faiths had ever been so deeply ingrained into Hindu-DNA that it just did not occur to Constitution-fathers to induct it separately through an Article or Clause. It was forced into the Preamble by a brutally autocratic Prime Minister Indira Gandhi during the dark phase of Emergency-1975 and duly stamped approved by the then ‘rubber-stamp’ President FA Ahmed. Parliament was bulldozed into submission and approval when all Opposition leaders were imprisoned and no proper debate was even stage-managed. With that entire country turned into ‘Special Economic Zone’ of Abrahamic faiths and a breeding-ground of depravity of Communism by institutionalising Religious Apartheid through secularism.


Abrahamics have on occasions justified secularism on the premise that Hindu-s are equally entitled to proselytise non Hindu-s into Hindu fold just as they are entitled to entice poor, innocent, gullible Hindu-s to convert themselves into their faiths. The premise does not hold ground because Hindu-s are not interested in proselytising anyone into Hindu fold. Quite reluctantly, when Vishva Hindu Parishad launched ‘Ghar Wapasi Abhiyan’ to facilitate reversion to Hindu fold, those very people vehemently protested who had earlier justified conversions on grounds of equality !! Sole intention of pro-Abrahamic/anti-Hindu Congress had been to obliterate Sanatana Dharma from the face of Planet Earth employing multiple means with religious apartheid of secularism being the most prominent one. Who has authorised self-styled ‘Holy’ Fathers, ‘Virgin’ Mothers, gyrating ‘Sufis’ and sword-wielding Jehadis to intrude into our country and tell us, our faith is inferior to their’s so we must convert ourselves to their faiths and cults ? Who has authorised them declare a non-violent, non-expansionist, non-proselytising Sanatana Dharma as a threat to the world, to so-called minorities ? How come blood-thirsty wolves are feeling threatened by sheeps and goats ? Have Abrahamic faiths originated in Bharata ? How did these land up in the country and grow so exponentially ? Swami Vivekananda was so forthright when he declared, every conversion invariably increases one more enemy of Sanatana Dharma. Abrahamic imperialists have been methodically preparing ground for centuries encashing the fact that Hindu-s do not resist, are confused about Sanatana Dharma, blindly trust power of truth and non-violence and practice, “Sanatana Dharma does not become bad by being called bad by them.” Majority of Hindu-s do not understand these are prescriptions of Arsenic poisoning for a slow and steady march towards suicidal demise. Hindu-s only quite stupidly create favourable ambiance for them to claim and proclaim, “We are the only true religion” which Hindu nods at bovinely instead of challenging them then and there fiercely, so loudly that they are deafened.     


Ominous consequences of malevolent religious apartheid of secularism are far too obvious to be ignored by anyone. Instances are far too many. Significant and perceptible anti-Hindu tilt in the Constitution through Articles 25 to 30 with respect to cultural, religious and educational rights led to de-Hinduisation of Kashmir, loudest instance of this anti-Hindu Constitutional tilt. Article 27 prohibits public expenditure on sectarian considerations yet it is constantly violated by awarding subsidies, scholarships, loans and special budgets on those very grounds that the Article prohibits. Teaching of Veda-s, Upanisad-s, Mahabharata, Ramayana  etc. is prohibited as these are dubbed as religious indoctrination as if teaching of holy books of Abrahamic faiths is just not ! Articles 28 to 30 precisely facilitate that. Similarly, Article 29 surrepticiously denies cultural rights to Hindu-s albeit allows that to minorities as a measure of affirmation of religious apartheid of Abrahamic imperialism. Right to Education Act enacted under UPA rule is the climax of anti-Hindu religious apartheid and expansion of Abrahamic imperialism. Our august Judiciary consumed seven decades to deliver a judgement in favour of Shri Ramajanma Bhumi Mandira at Ayodhya, that too a conditional one !! And the condition being allocation of five acres of land for free for an alternate Masjid as if Hindu-s destroyed the ancient Mandira and fought against it for decades !! Judiciary did not care to initiate suo moto action to liberate Krshna Janmabhumi Mandira and Kashi Vishvanatha Mandira simultaneously from clutches of Islamic marauders. For those two illicit occupations too, Judiciary may handsomely compensate them because Hindu-s had destroyed those ancient Mandira-s to raise Masjids with their bare hands !!! Authorities are so quick in imposing restrictions on Hindu festivals on one pretext or the other but do not have guts in their groins to ban animal slaughter running in lakhs in the name of a festival. And it is so easy to do that ! Once in Bangladesh capital Dhaka, street were flooded with animal blood with flesh strewn around all over and the whole world beheld it through video clips on whatsapp.


Constitution does not allow several rights to Hindu-s in their own country that are granted to minorities with ‘lots of love and respect’ viz. Hindu-s not permitted to run their educational institutions the way Islamists and Evangelists (I&E hereafter) do; Sanatana scriptures not allowed being taught in schools while Koran and Bible allowed only to promote proselytisation; Hindu-s not allowed to manage their Mandira-s while I&E allowed to manage Masjids and Churches without being hamstrung by Governments; Hindu-s bereft of liberty to pursue their cultural traditions without State interference unlike I&Es; anti-Hindu school education liberally in curriculum only to manufacture rootless, de-racinated Hindu youth chanting anti-national slogans while in case of I&Es, their religious education raises an army of fanatical bigots who can joyously go to any limits in their wild pursuits. Extensive asymmetric assault on Sanatana Dharma has led to complete shift in demography in several pockets dispersed all over the country. As religious apartheid of Abrahamic imperialism has obliterated several ancient civilisations viz. Roman, Greek, Zoroastrian, Mayan etc., countries like China have completely banned proselytization. In Bharata when Morarji Desai Government presented a Bill on the floor of Lok Sabha in 1970s, even George Fernandez opposed it while Missionary Teresa mobilised international support for withdrawal of the Bill.


Anti-Hindu religious apartheid is pursued in quite a strange way by Hindu Guru-s and Katha-Vachaks too. While narrating and expounding tales from Sanatana scriptures like Bhagavat-Katha etc., they also often highlight positives and pieties of Abrahamic faiths too, howsoever flimsy or dubious that may be. By resorting to such a nobility uncalled for, they unconsciously open doors tightly shut in minds of their followers as well as reduce heights of their mental barriers towards Abrahamic faiths. On the contrary, fanatic clergy of Abrahamic faiths never ever acknowledges any noble feature intrinsic to Sanatana Dharma thus rendering their listeners more dogmatic about their own monotheistic faiths. Needless to say, it is just a one way street towards Abrahamic imperialism owing to one’s uncanny naivete and other’s artifice and foxy wiles. Hindu Guru-s must now realize, by avoiding to expose ludicrous claims of supremacists about their faiths, diaboliocal nature of their supreme beings, so-called divine mandate to lord over entire universe, their rude refusal equate Sanatana Dharma with their fanatical cults and unacceptable language that they invoke for Murti-Puja have been ravaging their own Dharma that they so zealously seek to espouse and propagate.


Anti-Hindu religious apartheid was in it’s worst display during Shri Rama Mandira Bhumi-Pujan at Ayodhya by Prime Minister Modi. All media reports were exceedingly contemptuous, scornful, snobbishly cynical to the grand ceremony and derisively sneered at the Prime Minister when he prostrated in veneration before the Prana-Pratishthit Murti of Shri Rama as a child. A few so-called reputed papers like Deutsche Welle, FAZ did not even mention that an ancient historic Mandira at the site was demolished by Mughal-brutes and the ceremony was reclamation of plundered Hindu glory. It baffles any sane person to no limits to behold, they so comfortably ignore brutal past of Abrahamic faiths, unmitigated havoc wrought upon the earth by them, enormous blood-bath, rivers of human blood that they spilled all over, crores of women dehumanised and children speared, mind-boggling amount of wealth that they plundered all over the world for 2000 years !! They could not digest the simple fact that it was only the first Mandira recovered out of 40,000 demolished by Mughals in a span of 200 years.


Religious apartheid virus of Abrahamic imperialism appears to have infected Bharatiya Janata Party too as Mandira-s continue to be occupied by Governments and their wealth misappropriated for non-Hindu motives while masjids and churches remain unscathed as usual. In fact more Mandira-s have been taken over by BJP Governments and recent example of Uttarakhanda Government nationalising Char Dham Mandira-s is a brazen effort in that direction. With Governments in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh etc. nationalising more than a lakh Mandira-s, grabbing their lakhs of acres of land and property and their annual income in thousands of crores, Hindu-majority has been reduced to the level of minority Dhimmis of theocratic countries. Ball finally rests in corridors of Hindu-s only as they are the first and last victims of religious apartheid of Abrahamic imperialism. As prosperity of Hindu community grows exponentially, anti-Hindu animosity too, shall grow exponentially across the world. Hindu-s never had been destined to rest in peace in past nor will they be ever conceded to bask in their glories peacefully in future. Hindu community must wake up thunderously to protect Sanatana Dharma proactively. In this Dahrma-Yuddha, each and every Hindu must imperatively become an unapologetic Hindu-zealot to repel and eventually decimate all enemies of Sanatana Dharma.  

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