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kashmir-riotsMaharishi Kashyapa, a sage of great antiquity and and spiritual wisdom, had reclaimed the Kashmir Valley out of a sacred lake called ‘Satisar’ – named after Goddess Sati, the consort of Lord Shiva.

2. According to the greatest Sanskrit poet Kalidas , Kashmir “is more beautiful than the Heaven and is the benefactor of supreme bliss and happiness.” It has been a major hub of Hindu civilization and culture. It flourished under some of India’s greatest rulers, including the Mauryan emperor Ashoka, who had founded the old city of Srinagar.

3. In 1389 A.D. all hell broke loose for Kashmiri Hindus with the arrival of Jihadi invaders of Islam. A barbaric campaign of killings, forcible conversions and destruction of temples was carried out by the notorious Sultan Sikandar who came to be known as “Sikandar the But-Shikan” because of his reckless destruction of temples and atrocities on the Hindus. including the loot and destruction of the famous ‘Martand’ Sun Temple.

4. In 1752 Afghan invaders attacked the valley whose cruel rule lasted nearly seven decades. The first Afghan governor Abdullah Khan Aquasi, started a reign of terror against Hindus.
5. In the following decades nearly 30,000 intrepid soldiers of Maharaja Ranjit Singh attacked Kashmir, defeated the Pathans, and the long ravaged state became a part of Ranjit Singh’s empire for nearly forty years. The change provided considerable relief to the Hindus.
6. Subsequently the British defeated the Sikhs and became undisputed masters of India. They were not interested in holding on to Kashmir and sold it in perpetuity for 75 lakhs of rupees (approximately $150.000) to Maharaja Gulab Singh. Through conquests and inter-marriages, the Dogras created a state consisting of five major units, which were fundamentally quite different from each other in terms of ethnicity and populace. They added to their empire the territory around Gilgit (presently in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir), which extended the Dogra domain right into Central Asia. On the northern and eastern sides the region known as Ladakh, which was an extension of Tibet, was seized and added to the state.
7. The creation of Pakistan in 1947 was the first step forward in the ongoing long march of Islam across the world. On October 20, 1947, suddenly Pakistan attacked Kashmir in a bid to seize it by force. Thus, decades before the appearance of bin Laden on international stage, Pakistan had laid foundations of the cult of secessionist movements in all those countries where Muslims constituted a sizeable proportion of population thereby turning the dormant pan-Islamic ideology into a global jihadi movement.
8. Unable to counter the attack of the two divisions of regular Pakistani army with his limited troops Maharaja Hari Singh acceded to India andkashmiri geno 3 signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947. It was followed by swift military operations mounted by the Indian Army for repulsing the invaders. The accession was supported by Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah, who led the National Conference, and also by an overwhelming majority of the people of the State. A popular government was set up in Jammu under stewardship of Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah.
9. Unfortunately Pandit Nehru had an undeserved faith in Lord Mountbatten which led to the Kashmir issue being taken to the United Nations. As recorded by V.P. Menon in his book, “The Integration of the Indian States”, Pandit Nehru had entrusted the responsibility for handling the matters concerning the accession of Jammu & Kashmir to Lord Mountbatten. There are reasons to believe that the latter’s commitment to the Indian cause was somewhat lukewarm – at least that is what it turned out to be. Some military strategists believe that due to strategic reasons kashmiri geno 7the Government of the United Kingdom was keen to prevent India’s victory in Jammu & Kashmir. Fulfilment of this objective was facilitated by virtue of the Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten, being the chairman of the Defence Committee of the Indian Cabinet which key role was assigned to him thoughtlessly by Nehru !
10. Not many historians and analysts have realized that the strategic mistake of allowing Lord Mountbatten to become Governor General after independence was largely responsible for the Kashmir mess. There could be no other plausible reason for not allowing the Indian forces a few weeks more time to proceed beyond Poonch-Uri-Domel axis – ahead of which lay two strategic bridges of Domel and Kohala which Indian army was poised to capture when suddenly the cease-fire was announced. Excepting a few offensive sorties flown by the Indian Air Force, no worthwhile attempt was made to launch aggressive air attacks in support of the ground troops to throw out Pakistani army.

11. According to V.P. Menon, a close aide of Sardar Patel who was the architect of integration of hundreds of big and small princely States, thatkashiri geno 2 Lord Mountbatten had told him barely six days after the Pakistani attack that a plebiscite will have to be held in Kashmir to ascertain the wishes of the people. In mid-December he pressed the Indian Government to complain to the United Nations about the Kashmir imbroglio. By referring the Kashmir issue to the United Nations and hastily agreeing to the cease fire which mandated an important role to the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP), Pandit Nehru gave up the advantage which the army had leveraged by their sacrifices and superior tactical operations. Nehru’s short-sightedness led to the internationalization of the Kashmir imbroglio in 1947.kashmiri geno 4
12. A major setback to India came on November 3, 1947, when Major Brown, a British officer commanding the Gilgit Scouts, who had earlier in October 1947 staged a coup against the Dogra Governor of Gilgit, Brigadier Ghansar Singh, joined the invading troops of Pakistan. Moving ahead, the Pakistani troops seized the strategic terrain of Baltistan and Skardu located on the northern tip of Kashmir, very close to the Chinese border.
13. On January 5, 1949, a resolution was passed by the United Nations (Resolution No. 5) saying that to resolve the Kashmir dispute, a plebiscite may be held to ascertain the wishes of the people. Later on General McNaughton of Canada was named by the Security Council as the Informal Mediator on December 17, 1949, to prepare for a plebiscite. The McNaughton formula proposed that there should be an agreed programme of progressive reduction of armed forces on either side of the ceasefire line by withdrawal, disbandment and disarmament in such stages as not to cause fear to the people on either side of the cease-fire line.
14. The McNaughton formula was palpably partisan and favoured Pakistan. But it had the support of the Anglo-American bloc which dominated the United Nations. It found favour with Pakistan, but was rejected by India because it totally ignored the fact that the doctrine of Paramountcy had elapsed on August 15, 1947. Once the ruler of Jammu and Kashmir had signed the Instrument of Accession, constitutionally, it became an integral part of India.
15. A wrong impression has been created among Western analysts and some Indian journalists, too, that the Pakistan sponsored cross border militancy in Kashmir is a post-Laden phenomenon. That is farthest from truth. According to the veteran journalist, B.L. Kak , a plan to raise armed groups of infiltrators in Pakistan for creating chaos in Indian Kashmir was mooted on August 16, 1953, in a high level meeting of leaders from Pakistan and Pak-occupied Kashmir held in Karachi under the chairmanship of Mohammed Ali, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan. In that meeting it was recommended by Chaudhri Ghulam Abbas, who later came to be known as Qaid-e- Kashmir. that Pakistan should train and send at least twenty thousand armed infiltrators for creating widespread insurgency in the valley.Kashmiri Geno 10 Abdullah priest
18. In 1965, when war broke out between India and Pakistan, the suggestion made by Ghulam Abbas in 1953, was implemented by sending thousands of armed guerrillas (already trained by the ISI) into Kashmir valley through unguarded stealth routes. On September 15, 1965, the Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, G.M. Sadiq, informed the State Assembly that some infiltrators had tried to converge on the State capital, Srinagar. Interrogation of the captured infiltrators confirmed that Pakistani army had trained and infilterated nearly 10,000 militants in terror tactics and subversive activities.

19. When the ISI and the Pakistani Government, headed by General Zia, joined hands with the CIA to train bin Laden’s soldiers in 1979 to wage war against Russia, they already had under their belt twenty-five years long expertise in the dreadful business of jihadi terrorism. They were no novices and had been into the terror business since partition – or at least since early 1960s, having trained more than ten thousand jihadis for operating in Kashmir. The CIA, too, had enough experience of promoting subversion and sabotage from the days of Viet Nam war. The unsuspecting novice trapped in this strategic asymmetric warfare, called Jihad-e-Kashmir, was India.

20. Frankly, the Kashmir militancy is part of the global jihad because armed militants from nearly 18 Muslim countries, including Afghanistan, Chchenya, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Bangladesh, etc., were reported to have joined Islamic Jihad in Kashmir. Some of them were captured or killed while fighting the Indian security forces. Unfortunately the fact that militancy in Kashmir is part of the international jihad has been kept under wraps by successive Indian governments.
21. The sordid story of the post-independence retreat of Hindu civilization in the sub-continent did not end with their religious cleansing from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The tragedy continues unabated till date. Till 1989 the Hindus, mostly Kashmiri Pandits, were safely enconsed in Kashmir Valley. Then came the onslaught of jihadis in 1989, soon after the exit of Russians from Afghanistan. A tragic disaster befell the Hindus of Kashmir valley towards the end of year 1989, when Pak-trained jihadis acting in cahoots with thousands of secessionists and fifth columnists embedded in Indian Kashmir, mounted a massive campaign of killings, rape and plunder of Kashmiri Hindus.
22. Between September 1989 and January 1990 nearly 300 Kashmiri Hindus, were slaughtered and their homes pillaged and burnt down. Among them were many distinguished Pandits. One of them was Pandit Tika Lal Taplu who was killed on Sepember 14, 1989, by the militants of Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) – a rabid radical outfit presently led by Mohammed Yasin. Soon thereafter Justice N.K. Ganju of Srinagar High Court was shot dead, while Pandit Sarwanand Premi, an 80 year old popular poet and his son were kidnapped, tortoured and killed after gouging out their eyes. A Kashmiri Pandit nurse working at the Shoura Medical College Hospital was gang raped and beaten to death. Hit lists of Kashmiri Hindus were prepared and circulated in several towns and villages and many of them were targeted by the secessionist Muslim militants. As a result of relentless onslaught, the Hindus of the Valley, mostly Kashmiri Pandits, were frozen with fright in their homes. It was a typical well-planned Islamic strategy to strike terror into the hearts of Hindus and drive them out of the valley.
23. On January 4, 1990, Aftab, a local Urdu newspaper of Srinagar, published a press note issued by the secessionist organisation, Hizb-ul Mujahideen, an accomplice outfit of Jamaat-e Islami, calling upon all Hindus to pack up and leave Kashmir for good. The same press release, which was a sort of a typical Islamic expulsion order to the Hindus, was also published in another local newspaper, Al Safa. Meanwhile, all of a sudden, hordes of masked Muslim militants, shouting anti-India slogans and brandishing swords and Kalashnikovs appeared in the streets of Srinagar and other towns. They unleashed a reign of terror. There were explosions and shootings in several parts of the valley and reports of killing of Kashmiri Hindus started pouring in. Pulpits of mosques were used for issuing inflammatory threats to Hindus by using the public address system Handbills were distributed and posters pasted on walls of the houses of Kashmiri Hindus to leave Kashmir within 24 hours or face death and destruction.
24. This sudden upsurge of jihad in the valley clearly demonstrated four important facts.
* First, that while Farooq Abdullah played golf in Gulmarg, the local
jihadi groups had infiltrated and emasculated the State government.
* Second, the secessionists had raised a number of armed militant
groups within the valley to kill, terrorise and drive out the Hindus.
* The third inescapable conclusion was that the jihad being waged
against Hindus by Kashmiri militants was fully supported by the
government of Pakistan and a sizeable number of Kashmiri Muslims.
* The fourth important conclusion was that the Indian government had
no spine, nor any will to curb the growing militancy across the valley
with a heavy hand which alone could have saved the Hindus.

25. After belated realization that the governance in the troubled State had totally collapsed, the central government on January 19, 1990, post haste, appointed Jagmohan as Governor of the State. The new Governor immediately ordered imposition of curfew and re-deployment of security forces. On January 19, 1990, a mass frenzy of jihad against Hindus had been built up across the valley, especially in Srinagar. In addition to the shouts of Allah-o-Akbar and calls for merger of Kashmir with Pakistan, a most insidious slogan broadcast in Kashmiri dialect from mosques was “Asi gachhi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san”.1 Translated into English the demeaning slogan meant : ‘we want Pakistan, along with Hindu women, but without their menfolk’ – an eerie blowback to the dark history of traumatic Muslim rule over Kashmir when lakhs of Hindus were merciless killed, plundered and their womenfolk forcibly seized. The narrative of the festering Kashmir problem is a tale of multiple strategic blunders committed by India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Nehru, and cluelessly repeated by the successive gutless governments which came to power at the centre after 1947.
26. After living through months, of horrendous mayhem and growing threats to their lives and honour of their womenfolk, in January 1990, the Kashmiri Pandits decided to bid farewell to their homeland with tears in eyes. Nearly four lakh Hindus said good bye to the valley and became refugees in their own country – the bogusly-proclaimed secular state of India. Thus ended the seventh wave of forced migration of Pandits, very similar to the earlier six waves of ethnic cleansing during which the forefathers of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi had been terrorised and forcibly thrown out of the valley, along with lakhs of persecuted Pandits.
27. Simultaneously a regular campaign of ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Doda district of the Jammu region has been going on – an ugly fact deliberately concealed by the Indian government and our partisan media. According to Census 1991, the Hindus constituted approximately sixty percent of the population of Doda district which proportion fell to a meagre forty percent within a short span of ten years, as revealed by Census 2001. Needless to mention, the Census 2011 will surely show a further decline in the percentage of Hindus in Doda district.
28. Reams of columns have been written by the Indian print media and a number of hollow debates played out on television channels highlighting the demands of Kashmiri Muslims for ‘azadi’. Laughably, most of these debates refer only to the complaints and loud wails of the secessionists fighting with guns for the so-called ’azadi’. They keep on demanding investigations into the alleged thousands of unmarked graves of secessionists, frequently orchestrated by Angana Chatterji, a US- based leftist factotum of Dr. Ghulam Hussain Fai of the Kashmiri Council of Pakistan. Dr. Fai, a close friend of many secularism-swearing Hindus of India, who confessed in a U.S. court of law to having operated as an ISI spy in the USA, was sentenced to two years imprisonment by a U S court in the last week of March, 2012.
29. For the last few years in every summer Kashmir is pushed into ‘the stone-age’. Till a few years ago the jihadis and their hired cohorts used to push women supporters of ‘Dukhtran-e-Millat’, an outfit commanded by Asiya Andrabi, into the front of belligerent mobs to deter the police from effectively tackling the lawless mobsters. Lately they have improved upon that strategy by pushing children, some as young as 9-10 years old street urchins, to the forefront for stone-pelting on security forces. Our wishy-washy media and effete government functionaries often keep on criticizing the para-military forces for the so-called excesses knowing fully well that the blight of stone-throwing on security forces is being funded and actively supported from across the border by the ISI of Pakistan. Most importantly, this lethal weapon comes very cheap because it need not be smuggled from across the border. The stones, often dumped by design on roadside , especially in Srinagar, Baramulla, Kupwara, Sopore and Anantanag, have been causing serious wounds, including permanent diasability and leaving lifelong scars on members of security forces. Careful investigations revealed that stone-pelting in Kashmir is meticulously organized at the behest of the Inter Service Intelligence of Pakistan and several POK-based jihadi groups by pumping large sums of money to pay the radicalized youth hefty amounts. Most aggressive stone-pelting is done often on Fridays (referred to as ‘Rioters Day Out’ by security officers) when large congregations collect in mosques and public roads for offering weekly prayers (i.e. Namaz).
30. More than 1,600 CRPF personnel have been injured and grounded during the last five years by repetitive stone-pelting! In addition, more than 360 vehicles of the CRPF were damaged in a short span of 18 months by rampaging mobsters. In the first week of February, 2010, on a Friday the police arrested a youngman alleged to be the kingpin of the stone-pelting hordes and recovered documents from a house in Bemina colony which revealed that the ISI had turned stone-pelting into a lucrative business for the radicalized by paying them handsomely. It was learnt that Rs. 200 per day was being paid by anti-national elements to the recruited stone-pelters! While facing torrents of stone-pelting many Jawans have suffered serious injuries on their faces, some even in their eyes during these cycles of violent protests. The security personnel were even felled by violent mobsters and mercilessly lynched. There was a horrifying photograph of one hapless member of para-military forces fallen on ground and being beaten by four or five lathi-wielding teenager jihadis. It was published in many national newspapers on June 29, 2010, during the peak-season of stone-throwing.
31. To make an objective assessment of the plight of Kashmiri Hindus and gauge their mind-boggling persecution it would be necessary to refer to the the demeaning humiliation being faced by the Hindu women in the Valley, as highlighted by Dr. Ajay Chungroo in an article titled, ‘Viciousness of a Wishfulness – Kashmir Policy and Return of Hindus’, published in November, 2011, issue of Kashmir Sentinel. Dr. Chungroo vividly described how Hindu girls taking up jobs offered by the State government in the valley are openly harassed and humiliated by the Muslims. In one such incident, two Kashmiri Hindu girls travelling by bus were suddenly set upon and embraced unabashedly by two Muslim men, while other passengers chose to ignore the publicly staged act of molestation for fear of their lives.
33. Most shocking indeed was what the lady Interlocuter told some Hindu girls in Jammu, as per eye-witnesses ! According to Dr. Chungroo, the lady Interlocutor, a Hindu by birth, working in a prestigious Islamic University at New Delhi, advised them to ignore such unpleasant incidents, just as she had been doing while working in a Muslim educational institution at Delhi ! It was a remarkable self-confession of helplessness and low-level advice given to Kashmiri Hindu women by a high-profile Interlocutor. This incident was neither disputed nor denied by the lady interlocuter, nor contradicted or commented upon by the central and State governments, nor by our ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ media !
34. There has been nary a voice of protest, forget a nationwide clamour, in our ‘secularised ’ media for rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Hindus uprooted more than twenty-two years ago from their centuries-old homeland. No journalist worth his salt dare stand up for the right of Hindus to return to their ancient homeland and live there peacefully. Unfortunately India has innumerable politicians ever ready to kow-tow to anti-national pronouncements of the likes of Omar Abdullah. They just ignore the undeniable fact that the wording and the format of the Instrument of Accession signed by Maharaja Hari Singh was exactly the same as of the accession documents signed by more than 500 rulers of other princely States of India. What was most shocking, however, was that the Union Home Minister, P. Chidambram, tried to be on the same page as Omar Abdullah and Syed Ali Shah Geelani were. His mealey-mouthed assertion that the accession of Jammu & Kashmir state to India was something ‘unique’ was meant to appease the secessionist elements. No prizes for guessing why the Kashmir Interlocutors (close to Dr. Fai, an ISI spy embedded in America) have been saying that the Kashmir dispute needs a political solution and for resolving which dialogue with Pakistan is a must.
35. In their misplaced zeal to placate the secessionists Omar Abdullah, P. Chidambram and the Interlocuters have totally forgotten that 19 years ago in February, 1994, the Indian Parliament had unanimously passed a resolution affirming that the entire Jammu & Kashmir State including the Pak-Occupied Kashmir, were an inalienable part of the Indian Republic – an inconvenient truth conveniently ignored by three Indian government-appointed interlocuters – at least two of whom were rumoured to be close to Dr. Fai.
36. No government at the centre, neither the UPA-I, nor the UPA-II,nor for that matter the BJP government led by Atal Behari Vajpayee, dare do anything., even cared to make a token gesture, to alleviate the sufferings of lakhs of uprooted Kashmiri Hindus. No steps have been taken till date for re-settling them in their sacred homeland. Amazingly, no representative of Kashmiri Hindus is ever invited to the high table conferences organized by the Indian government and international fraternity to solve the Kashmir imbroglio ! According to historicity and globally accepted political ethics, the valley belongs to Kashmiri Hindus and not to the descendants of invaders, nor to the sons of those who forcefully captured Kashmir. and converted the Hindus on pain of death. In sharp contrast, the Palestinian jihadis have invariably occupied a prominent seat at the negotiating table in international fora whenever talks are held to discuss the Palestinian question. The first step for normalization of the Kashmir imbroglio should be the honourable return of Kashmiri Hindus to the valley – come what may. Unfortunately the secularism-driven political emasculation of Indian politicians is squarely responsible for prolonging the ongoing clash of civilizations in Kashmir.
37. For reasons best left unstated, the mainstream media, both print and electronic, has been far more interested in highlighting the imaginary persecution of the Muslims in Gujarat to demonise Narendra Modi and the state of Gujarat. Even a dim-wit can understand that the plight of four lakh Kashmiri Hindus, thrown out of their homes twenty years ago, is a thousand times more painful narrative of our times than the endlessly peddled plight of the Muslims of Gujarat.
38. Singing inane tunes supporting the jihadis of Kashmir, the mainstream English media has been persistently targeting the security forces, especially the C.R.P.F., for the so-called violation of human rights in Kashmir. No one bothers to see, or hear, the other side of this seamy story of unending travails of our security forces, especially the C R P F. For a change, in a very insightful narrative published on September 19, 2010, in the Hindustan Times, New Delhi, a well known journalist, Samar Harlankar, graphically described how the stone-pelting jihadis, including many ten years old boys, often deliberately insult and provoke the CRPF by hurling gratuitous insults at them, ‘Teri kali soorat, yak thu”. Translated into English it means, “you bloody blackie, I spit on you”.1 According to a serving CRPF officer, not being content by taunting the CRPF personnel as blackies (because of dark complexion of most CRPF jawans), the stone-pelters even hurl unprintable epithets at CRPF personnel.
39. No one dare ask the Kashmiri politicians and their secularism-benumbed cohorts in New Delhi, to explain where was the spirit of the frequently tom-tomed Kashmiriyat when jihadi goons threatened the Hindus from pulpits of mosques in 1989 and 1990 and openly asked them to get out of the valley – but after leaving behind their womenfolk for jihadis ? Did not the frequent calls made from loudspeakers of mosques blaring that the migrating Hindus should leave behind their womenfolk inform the government that what Hindus were facing was not terrorism, but gory jihad, prescribed in the Islamic scriptures ? Frankly, the wonky chant of Kashmiriyat, frequently flaunted by sham-secularists and media analysts, was exposed to be nothing but sort of a fine-tuned Islamic “taqaiyah” (lucidly expounded in verses 2.225 and 16.106 and 66.2 of the Quran) meant to promote the cause of radical Islam by recourse to deceit and telling lies. Not many Indians know that ‘taqaiyah’ is a deceitful political strategem, sanctioned in Islamic scriptures, to hoodwink the gullible infidels (read the Hindus).
40. Harlankar was further informed by a Kashmiri Muslim police officer that the stone-pelters often forced the CRPF personnel into angry response by mocking their religious beliefs, far beyond referring to the dark colour of their skin. Just sample one of the offending taunts, “Gae teri mata hai, hum usko khata hai’. Translated into English it means that you treat cow as your mother, whereas we eat the same cow !2 No wonder, heaping of such insults tends to provoke the security personnel once in a while, thereby inviting carping criticism by human rights lobby.
41. Total ethnic cleansing of kaffirs from all Muslim-dominated lands is a historical experience shared by all non-Muslims worldwide. After religious cleaning of Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir, now it is the turn of Christians, not only in Pakistan but in Africa and Middle East as well. In recent years tens of thousand Christians have been made to run away from the middle eastern countries like Iraq, Turkey and Syria on pain of death. The historical heat of jihadis hunting down the kaffirs has now been turned on the Christians of Africa, especially the hapless Copts of Egypt and Christians of Nigeria, Somalia and Sudan. Lately Nigeria and Egypt have emerged as the largest epicenters of Jihadi terrorism against Christianity. Across Nigeria hundreds of churches have been bombed by Boko Haram, a rabid anti-Christian outfit
Boko Haram, a rabid anti-Christian outfit. The Christians are virtually on the run from several parts of Africa and West Asia.
42. A specific instance of the penetration of pro-Pakistani elements in certain key positions among the powers-that-be came unstuck when in November, 2008, Delhi University gave official permission for an interactive session to S.A.R. Geelani, who was charged as an accused in the notorious attack on the Indian Parliament on December 13, 2001, but somehow got acquitted, with a mild stricture by the Supreme Court. According to a reliable source, the unusual capitulation of the Delhi University to a suspected jihadi, had the approval of some political bigwigs at higher levels. In the process some adverse observations of the Supreme Court of India on the dubious conduct of S.A. R. Geelani were ignored and he was allowed to make an anti-national speech among a gathering of academicians and students. While addressing a gathering of teachers and students at the Arts Faculty, Geelani shouted that the Batla House encounter was a fake stage-managed event carried out by Delhi Police.6 The Supreme Court had observed the untruthful pleas raised by him about his contact with Shaukat and Afzal Guru give rise to serious suspicion at least about his knowledge of the incident and his tacit approval of it.7
43. Frankly, the Kashmir Valley has already been Islamicised while Indian government slept. Sharia courts have been established. Going to cinema is frowned upon and frequent attempts are made to push womenfolk behind burka. The forced exile of a band of young Muslim girls informs you of the untold story of the strangle hold of militant Islam across the Valley.

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