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Just                          vantastic! Head-turning campervan opens up to                          reveal secret compartment at the flick of a                          switch

                          When seen on the road, this camper van does                          not look out of the ordinary.

However, its                            interior hides a very impressive and                            secretive design which can double its living                            space at the touch of a button.

The new                            invention transforms the T5 Doubleback into                            a 26ft long home on wheels.

The                            inside of the ‘pod’ reveals luxurious                            seating for five people which can be                            rearranged to make a huge bed, with a                            foldaway table.

Made                            from cutting edge aluminum composite used by                            the airline industry, the insulated rear                            extension weighs less than 300lbs but is                            strong enough to take the weight of a family                            of four.

It                            adds an extra two metres to the overall                            length of the long wheelbase van and is                            propped up by special self-levelling struts.

The                            deluxe motor is the latest in a long line of                            iconic VW campervans, which became an                            instant hit with travellers worldwide after                            their launch by the German car company in                            1950.

The                            Doubleback model is the first campervan to                            feature the sliding technology, which takes                            less than a minute to extend.

However,                            living space isn’t the only thing that                            doubles.

A                            basic 2013 T5 Doubleback will set buyers                            back £54,000 while a top-spec model with                            added extras like a flatscreen TV, DVD                            player, beds in the roof and an awning could                            cost up to £70,000.

The                            van also has the usual mod-cons like a                            built-in cooker, fridge, convertible bed and                            even a lifting roof.

The                            Doubleback is the product of a collaboration                            between renowned VW camper specialists                            Danbury Motorhomes of Bristol and Welsh                            company Overlander Motorhomes.

A                            spokesman for Danbury Motorcaravans said:                             ‘The Doubleback model is a unique, exciting                            new concept in camping.

‘The                            beauty of this van is that on first                            appearance it looks like any other, but then                            the back slides out and it transforms into a                            van like no other.

‘It                            is the perfect campervan, offering extended                            living space within a normal sized,                            self-contained van.

‘It                            gives much more flexibility than a standard                            camper thanks to the extending pod which                            adds so much more space.

‘The                            back section really does become like a                            living room.

‘I                            imagine there will be more than a few                            dropped jaws when campers see the                            Doubleback’s pod in action – they will have                            never seen anything quite like this.

‘It                          is like Thunderbirds technology.                          It is the evolution of more than 60 years of                          the iconic Volkswagen camper.

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