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The Great Betrayal By Jaichandi Indians – R.K.Ohri

How Jaichandis Mortgaged Bharat to Bangladeshi Invaders
Ram Kumar Ohri, IPS (Retd)
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An alarming truth giving clue to the most important secret of Bangladeshi infiltration, I mean the State secret of the political perfidy and betrayal of the nation, has been provided by late B.R. Lall, a former Director General of Police, Haryana, in his extensively researched book, ‘Free The CBI: Power Games in Bhopal & Other Cases’.
Late B.R. Lall was a scholarly police officer with impeccable credentials who had served in the Central Bureau of Investigation with distinction. He died sometime ago due to sudden cardiac arrest. In Chapter 3 of his book, under the heading “Bangladeshis Settling in Delhi”, Lall has given a brief, but copious, account of how in 1988 nearly four lakh Bangladeshi infiltrators were permanently settled in Delhi and ration cards issued to them under the direct supervison of senior police officers and officials of Delhi Administration, kowtowing to the diktats of the ruling policial dispensation. B R Lall had come to Delhi in 1988 from Shillong to attend a conference on Police-Community relations hosted by the Delhi Police . A Sub-Inspector of Delhi Police, named Om Prakash, was posted with him as liaison officer. Lall was able to glean information from the Sub-Inspector, on condition of confidentiality, that Bangladeshi infiltrators were being settled in Delhi by issuing ration cards at the spot within hours of their reporting. In fact, Om Prakash himself was one of the officers unofficially deputed for facilitating their registration and settling down along the eastern bank of river Yamuna. He had been assigned the task of obtaining the finger prints of the illegal infiltrators to ensure their identification in the event of their committing any crime in future. B.R. Lall further learnt in confidence from Om Prakash that nearly four lakh such persons settled on the banks of river Yamuna had been issued ration cards by Delhi Administration and also unofficially recorded by the police as residents of Delhi. Being an irrepressible seeker of truth B.R. Lall raised this matter during interaction in a session titled “Police at Crossroads”. To his dismay the issue was brushed aside by a senior officer on the dais on the ground that the matter had political overtones. When Lall persisted in seeking an answer to his question, his “voice though not feeble” remained a cry in the wilderness.1 He laments that “the great professionals on the dais consisting of luminaries of the police, the administration, media, academics all silently acquiesced to the accepted norm of golden silence”.2
I am quoting below an excerpt from Lall’s book to apprise the readers of the anguish in his heart :
“Such is the mental slavery that if the people in power are not likely to relish or appreciate, the police will not take cognizance of such a fact, of whatsoever importance it may be to the society or the nation. Besides police, the administration was perhaps more obliging by issuing ration cards at an unheard of speed.”3 ]
The foregoing narrative reveals the methodology adopted by traitor politicians (appropriately called as ‘Jaichandi Hindus’ by a scholarly friend) to get the infiltrators registered as Indian citizens. The objective was to use them as votebank for capturing political power. Apparently the sordid technique used by the Jaichandis ruling the country from Delhi was replicated by their counterpart Jaichandis across India.
The truth about the political racket of settling millions of Bangladeshi infiltrators recorded by a retired senior police officer in his book gives a direct lie to the secular drummers of falsehood , mostly myopic left-liberal chatterati and leftists, shouting from their bandstands that there has been no infilteration by Bangladeshi Muslims.
No wonder in an affidavit filed in the year 2003 by Delhi Police in the Delhi High Court, it was disclosed that the approximate number of of Bangladeshi infiltrators residing in Delhi was around 13 lakhs !
It may be recalled that late Bibhuti Bhusan Nandy, a senior officer who retired from the RAW, kept on alerting the government for more than three years that due to massive infiltration from across the border more and more Hindu families were moving out from border areas virtually “in droves” . They were moving out of border districts overrun by Bangla infiltrators, after selling their lands and houses at dirt cheap prices. In this context a very welcome development, though grossly belated one, was the admission of the gravity of the situation by the former Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadev Bhattacharjee. He was the only Marxist to publicly state that illegal immigrants were spreading “the message of Islamic fundamentalism”.
On June 23, 2005, while inaugurating a B.S.F. seminar he admitted that there was “a serious problem with some of our neighbours”. He pointed out that “Bangladesh says there are no Bangladeshis in India whereas the entire demography of certain parts of the country and West Bengal is being changed due to infiltration”. In many places there were more Bangladeshi settlers than Indians., Buddhadev Bhattacharjee admitted. According to the former Chief Minister of West Bengal, three types of illegal immigrants were coming from Bangladesh. First, there were groups who spread the message of Islamic fundamentalism and campaigned for the rights of Muslims in Kashmir. Second, there were groups which were directly involved in subversive activities. The third group was of north-Bengal based K.L.O. (Kamtapur Liberation Organisation) militants who had found shelter in Bangladesh after being driven out of Bhutan in December 2003. All the three groups were being supported by the then Bangladesh government. The situation became so critical that the Governor of the state, Gopalkrishna Gandhi, had described the relentless infiltration as a “time bomb”.
The former Chief Minister’s concern was supported by Bimal Pramanik, Director, Centre for Research in Indo-Bangladesh Relations, Kolkata, who after analysing the census 2001 data had come to the conclusion that unabated illegal infiltration through porous eastern border responsible for sharp changes in the demographic pattern. Equally important is the fact that many Bangladeshi immigrants have managed to acquire voting rights both in West Bengal and Bangladesh. The demographic disaster unfolding in Assam and West Bengal is nothing short of a massive fraud foisted on innocent masses by Jaichandi political crooks, mostly secularized Hindus.
On a conservative estimate it could be presumed that nearly 80 to 90 percent of Assam’s Muslims happen to be illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. The Census 2001 revealed that the total population of Assam was 23,216,288 and 40 percent of that figure comes to 9,286,512. Roughly that should be the approximate number of Bangladeshis hosted by Assam. On a rough count, by 1990s there were likely to be more than 90 lakh Bangladeshis in Assam alone. And that number is growing fast because the fertility rate of Bangladeshi Muslims is far higher than that of the Assamese Hindus, or for that matter higher than the Hindus of West Bengal or any other Indian State.
Due to fast changing demography, India’s north-eastern region has already entered a critical phase of existential crisis. It is amazing how our political leadership has been constantly denying the mind-boggling dimensions of Bangladeshi invasion and openly misleading the people by recourse to repetitive lying. There is no sense in blaming the Bangladesh government alone for denying the truth established so painstakingy by one of their own researchers about outmigration of 13-14 million Bangladeshis to India in one single decade of 1981-1991, when our own political leaders are taking recourse to blatant lying about the gravity of the problem. In another detailed report submitted to the central government by a former Governor of Assam, Lt. General Ajai Singh had stated that on average at least six thousand Bangladeshi infiltrators were entering the State every day which adds up to nearly 22 lakhs infiltrators every year. It means that more than 2 crore infiltrators must have entered Assam alone within the last ten to twelve years.
True to his fundamentalist secular commitment to the politics of minority vote-bank the Chief Minister, Tarun Gogoi, promptly joined the issue with the Governor by denying that there was any large scale influx of illegal immigrants. Interestingly if Sarifa Begum’s figure of 14 million illegal immigrants entering India within one single decade of 1981-91 is juxtaposed with the figure given out by the former Assam Governor, it looks quite plausible that by now there could be nearly five crores illegal Bangladeshi immigrants living in India – a figure mentioned by more than one participant in a national convention on census 2001 held in Delhi in the last week of April 2005. Yet there is no dearth of Jaichandis decrying the Supreme Court’s July 2005 judgement striking down the I.M.D.T. Act and terming the infiltration as invasion of India.
This dirty vote-bank politics of suicidal proportions is not confined to the political leadership of Assam or similarly threatened states like West Bengal and Bihar. It is practised and perfected by traitor politicians right here in Delhi, the capital of our troubled nation, as exposed by late B.R. Lall.

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