World’s Highest Temple at Vrindavan

chandrodaya -4World’s Highest Mega Krishna Temple Being Planned At Vrindavan

Akshay Patra Society , which is currently operating from ISCON / Temple at Bangalore is planning to construct a mega temple at Vrindavan which will be the highest temple In the world . It will be more than two hundred and ten meter high and taller than Pyramids or a 77 storey building . The project costing about Rs400/- crores will be financed from donations from devotees and public . Around eighty acres of land has been reportedly procured already near Vrindavan . Some more land may be procured .
There is need for such projects in north India as Aurangzeb and other moghul kings have destroyed all the big temples of North India . In many cases mosques have been constructed on their sites .In south and East India some good temples like Konark , Meenakshi etc are left but most of them are now about thousand years old . Indian Rennissance will only begin when hindus reach out to acquire our old glory in all fields . Such projects of temples must be seen as a step in that direction .
To finance the project donors will be given extra facilities like one week stay annually in the guest house and puja on chosen day for Rs. one lakh donation . Big donors giving Rs 5 Crores will be given a five room villa facing the temple . Smaller villas and flats are also available . Prospective donors and interested persons may contact Swami Sandipni Das at

Patriots Forum however is not involved with the project in anyway except sharing its larger objectives of hindu rennaissance .


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