Weekly Newsletter – 156

Newsletter 27th June – 3rd July ’16
The week reviewed has been positively bad.
• ISIS for the first time resorted to bombing. They killed 41 at Istanbul airport;
• Dhaka cafe in diplomatic enclave is stormed by 9 gunmen.60 hostages have been taken;
• ISIS hacked to death another Hindu priest in Bangladesh;
• Pak L-e-T killed 8 in an attack on CRPF bus on Srinagar border;
• North Wajiristan is Pak ISI’s terror factory to target India;
• India becomes MTCR member;
• No second Referendum, tells the British PM;
• Israel and Turkey resumed ties after 6 years;
• Many countries do not want English as an EU language;
• Japan ordered surveillance against Muslim;
• Alvin Toffler of “Future Shocks” is no more;
• Messi gives up international football career;
(Please see inside for details.)
Yours sincerely,
D.C. Nath
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