9:29 am - Wednesday April 21, 2021

157th P.F. Weekly Newsletter

157th P.F. Weekly Newsletter

Dear Enlightened Readers,

Jai Hind!

The week reviewed has been full of violent terror attacks, primarily by the ISIS, even on, Muslim religious event and on holy site. Suicide and suicide has been the modus operandi.

· UK will get first Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher;

· ISIS butchered 20 foreign hostages out of 60 taken in Bangladesh on the Eid day. Those who could recite Quran were spared. Dhaka says it was the handiwork of Pak ISI;

· ISIS hacked to death a Budhhist priest in Bangladesh;

· Blast on largest Eid prayer gathering killed 4 in Bangladesh. ISIS had earlier claimed they would increase their activities there;

· Mob burnt mosques in Myanmar;

· 4 killed in suicide bomb blast at Prophet’s Medina mosque in Saudi Arabia. It sent shock waves in the Muslim world;

· ISIS gives ads in Whats App for selling 12 year old virgins for sex slaves;

· The six day long Hindu festival of Rath Yatra began on July 6;

· Ramjan fast for Muslims will ended. July 9, the day of Eid;

· July 4 marks the American Independence day.

(Please see inside for details.)

Thanking you & with regards,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

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