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A Pakistani Actor’s Words of Wisdom Against Glorification of Crime In Bollywood : Indian TV and Bollywood Should Take Note

A Pakistani Actor’s Words of Wisdom Against Glorification of Crime In Bollywood  : Indian TV and Bollywood Should Take Noterabi pirzada


I have no love lost for Pakistan . Its monsterous army and ISI unleashed Mumbai and killed so many  just to teach its civilian president Zardari a lesson against seeking peace with India just like her wife and former PM Benazir Bhutto. It  was repeated by ISI  in Pathankot after PM Modi visited Lahore , a grim reminder of reality  to a perceived puppet PM Nawaz Sharif about his real power to change Indo Pak history of hostilities , which every sane leader and citizen wants on both sides of border.

rahat_fateh_ali_khanHistorically , due to religious bias , Pakistan never permitted equal access to our film artists . We welcomed Mehndi Hassan ,Gulam Ali , Nadia ( aap jaisa koi ),Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ,etc so openly and rightly . If Indians enjoyed Gulam Ali Gazals why not let them enjoy it even more in live performance . Indians gained by this traditional open policies . Madhuri’s famous song’ Mera Piya Ghar aayaa ‘ was based on a song of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan . Pakistani public too would have loved to see and hear Lata live or see Madhuri and Sri Devi dance on stage . Pakistani government denied its citizens a pleasure which was harmless . If it is capability based and not on Dawaoodian considerations , it is equally applicable to all artist irrespective of nationalities . After all, Indian IPL has so many foreign cricket players and not only no one minds it but they are paid huge money  .noor jahan

But Pakistani actor Rabi Pirzada has recently made a very profound statement which is not only  valid for Pakistan but it has a global value for all countries .

She complained that every other  Bollywood film is based on crime or criminal activity  .Enjoying crime continuously is debasing Pakistani youth’s mind . As per him Pakistani films were social and spread value based morality . She is not only right about  the effect of Pakistani  films but also about Pakisatni TV dramas . During my posting in Africa in nineties  , I had chance to see almost all major Pakistani serials . I have no qualms in admitting that in my whole life I have not seen or enjoyed a social serial better than  Tanhaiyan or Dhoop Kinare . I wondered how Pakistani authors or script writers mastered the art of portraying simple human emotions so effectively and enjoyably . One reason could be that Delhi, Lucknow or UP from where most of the rich refugees went to Pakistan were the centre of art and culture in Moghul period . So they carried with them the simple art of story telling .

But a few Pakistani films I saw were so horrible that I could not watch them for more than half an hour . An exception was a recent Pakistani film ‘ bol’ which was remarkable for its sensitive portrayal of transgender problem . Similarly the Pakisatni film music too had no universal appeal  and even legendary singer Noor Jahan kept singing songs of her bollywood days like ‘ Awaz do kahan ho ‘. Independent Pakistan could not produce any Naushad or Rafi or Sahir Ludhianvi . But its non filmi ghazal or qawali singers did keep the flame alive.

So Rabi Pirzada may not be right in glorifying Pakisatni films which are generally of poor quality . If a film entertains it will find an audience anywhere as ‘Bol ‘ or ‘ Titanic ‘did in India or Pakistan  .

But where Rabi Pirzada is not only right but is almost like a philosopher or prophet ,is in asking why entertainment must be increasingly based on crime ?

Not only bolywood fims but Indian TV serials are the biggest culprit . Ekta Kapoor ‘ Sas Bahu ‘ serials have changed Indian families where the old parents are now feeling guilty in living with son and twice the number of men are committing suicide than women . The nation has got addicted to evil for entertainment . Light hearted but seriously educative serials are now a passé . Initially we had ‘Hum Log ‘ genre serials but we could not carry on due to lack of creativity . Pakisatni socially oriented serials to that extent carried on longer due to more creative people of that kind and appreciative audience  .

It is also true for Hollywood . Now more and more movies are based on science and technology than simple human emotions or life .Exceptions like  ‘ Titanic ‘ whose love story was as old as hills or Will Smith’s ‘ Persuit of Happiness’ are very few in number . Hollywood stopped making musicals in sixties which bollywood is still continuing . Possible it is also linked to rise of materialism . Excessive sentimentalism or emotionalism is also a trade mark of poverty sticken societies.

So all of us , irrespective of being in India or Pakistan ,have to seriously analyse why our entertainment has acquired an over dose of negativity . But Pakistan must also find out why its artistic creativity is poor in comparison . Just like ‘Gandhi ‘ was made by Richard Attenborough an Englishmen , an equally legendary  ‘Mirza Ghalib ‘ serial was made by an Indian  sikh refugee from Multan ie ‘ Gulzar’. The trauma of partition did not diminish his love for Urdu shairi or Ghalib and he was supported by entire bollywood irrespective of religious affiliations .

Love , security and religious freedom and  tolerance are essential for creativity . Pakistan society should reflect on its direction as well as destination .

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