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D C Nath            Shri D.C.Nath , one of the founder members of Patriots Forum expired on 10th December at his home in Safdarjung Enclave at around 10 am . Remembered as Dhanesh Da by his friends and admirers , he is survived by his two sons . The cremation was held at Lodhi Road crematorium on 11 th December and was well attended indicating the large circle of his friends and admirers .

Patriots Forum remembers him  as he steered the monthly meetings of Patriots Forum for several years . He was surprisingly active and fit for his age and his death came as a surprise for the members of the forum .

Some of the salient points about Sh. D.C.Nath , compiled by Sh Priyadarshi Dutta of Patriots Forum , are given below.


1. Shri D.C. Nath was an IPS officer (West Bengal Cadre: 1960). He superannuated in 1995. He spent a good amount of time in Bihar during his career.

2. He retired as Special Director, Intelligence Bureau. The present NSA Shri Ajit Doval was one of the illustrious officer who had worked under him. He was author of a book ‘ Intelligence Imperatives For India’.

3. He was also the President, Durga Puja, Chanakyapuri (organized by civil servants/retired civil servants)

4. Another side of Shri D.C. Nath was his love for Bengali language.

5. He was associated with Sarva Bharatiya Banga Bhashi Samiti, meant for popularizing Bengali language amongst new generation. For the last 12 years he used to conduct a Bengali language/culture/literature meeting every third Sunday at Matri Mandir, Safdurjung Enclave, New Delhi. Also he used to teach Bengali language to young students once a week.

6. His wife Chitra Nath, a constant companion of his social enterprises, passed away in May, 2009. He gradually recovered from the shock and grief, to continue his nationalist and social pursuits with greater vigour.

7. He was an active member of Presidency College Alumni Association, New Delhi chapter.

8. Shri D.C. Nath is survived by two sons both of whom are well established in their profession. While elder son lives in Dubai, the younger son is in Gurgaon.

9. To continue with his work and to be in touch with wide circle of friends Shri D C Nath used to live in Safdurjung Enclave. His evenings were spent in Matri Mandir temple, at a stone’s flight away from his rented accommodation. The temple library/canteen was a good place to meet him in the evening.

10. He was fond of meeting young men/women wanting to do something for the nation’s security. 11. He was fond of Rabindranath Tagore, did everything in his power to dispel the myth that Tagore’s Jana Gana Mana was written in praise of Emperor George V at Calcutta Congress 1911. He was a good reciter of Bengali poems.



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3 Responses to “Obituary _ D.C.Nath , Patriots Forum”

  1. December 12, 2017 at 9:46 am #

    His concern for nation’s future was remarkable and laid foundation of Patriot Forum.

    I pray to the Supreme One to grant him eternal peace and solace to his bereaved family.

    May his Soul rest in eternal peace.

  2. Dr. Mahesh Kaul
    December 12, 2017 at 2:35 pm #

    Esteemed Sh.D C Nath symbolised the amalgamation of the professional expertise with the national concern and used his agility as the professional for capacity building in terms of national security issues.His keen eye foe every issue concerning the national security both internal and external was par excellence and was national security expert with a sense of a scholar for cultural and civilisational values.

    Rest in peace Dada…..your concern and the capacity building you made for the national issues will always guide all the Indian Patriots.


  3. T. K. Singh
    July 1, 2021 at 4:16 pm #

    Saw the news today only. I stayed out of touch for quite a long. Just apeared it when I was searching for the intel book written by him. His guideship and advices will always be remembered.

    RIP, Sir!

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