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Why RAW /IB Should Investigate Priyanka Chopra and The Quantico Serial Depicting Hindu Nationalist Terrorist

Why RAW /IB Should Investigate Priyanka Chopra and The Quantico Serial Depicting Hindu Nationalist Terrorist

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Only fools , drugged nationalist hindus and Jayachandi Secularists of India would believe that  the Quantico serial’s plot of a hindu nationalist stealing uranium and carrying out blat just to falsely blame Pakistan , to be just  a creative accident and be satisfied by the apology rendred by ABC TV or the Indian actress Priyanka Chopra about the storyline of the episode possibly penned by a priyanka padam shriBangladeshi muslim.
‘Blood Of Romeo ‘ telecast on 1st June’18  in USA . It is a well planned strategy to psychologically bail out the terroristan Pakistan from Mumbai  and other terrorist activities as Hafiz Saeed party is hoping to win several seats in Pakistan in July elections  and in JDS style emerge as a king maker in Pakistan.  . In fact its aim could be  beyond ie to mislead and  prepare west for a nuclear terrorist attack by a dirty Pakistani nuclear  bomb on tenth anniversary of Mumbai or even beyond start an  ‘Árab Spring ‘  uprising against hindu natioanalism using muslims as a fodder but planned and financed by Joshuites in USA .
It is so incredibly shameful that Priyanka , a daughter of Indian army doctor parents , winner of Padma Shri award of India and a role model for countless Indian girls , sold her soul for a few dollars and lent credibility to a patently damaging anti Indian  plot . Ordinarily , citizens of a country which is a producer of countless movies like ‘Gadar ‘, Ek tha Tiger , Razi , Baby or anti US type movies like ‘My name is Khan ‘ and ‘New York ‘ , could arguably be matured enough to ignore such dramas but deeper analysis suggests that it was a calculated move with far deeper consequences. Priyanka’s apology now  is meaningless as she knew when script was given to her that it is an anti Indian ploy. She was a willing accomplice .
The timing of airing of serial in June ’18  is interesting because several Arc Bishops of Delhi and other places in India raised at the same time in May ’18 , a  bogey of hindu nationalism and some even issued a Fatwa against the present Modi government . Earlier , in the ultimate anti hindu government of Sonia Gandhi , all non hindus of India were clubbed and given benefits as minorities thus permanently dividing the Indian society into a hindu versus the rest camps. Saffron /Hindu terrorism bogey was raised to malign the patriotic hindus.
Even if the Sonia government is gone the anti hindu Joshuite lobby is still active in USA .
priyanka with maternal grand mother MaryDue to busy schedule of her doctor parents in army , Priyanka was raised by her maternal grand mother whose real maiden name was Mary Joseph and was a nurse in Kerala. She eloped and married a hindu Bihari politician Dr. Akhouri  . She died at an age of 94 in the year  2016 . Inspite of marrying a hindu for so many  years , upon death Priyanka took her body to Kerala for burial. The St. John , a Jacobite Syrian church there, did not allow burial in its grave yard as she had married a hindu and ostensibly had not paid the church subscription .
priyanka-chopra obamaPriyanka got he first Hollywood break in serial Quantico’in the year 2015 .In a significant coincidence , in 2016  Priyanka was invited for a dinner by US president Barrac Obama . After retirement Baraac Obama ,in a lecture in Delhi , absolved  Pakistan of any complicity and said that the government did not know of Bin Laden being kept in a safe house in the cantonment town of Abottabad . He emphasised on tolerance and multi religious character of Indian society .Though a friend of India, he could even be on pay roll of Saudis like Tony Blair .
It would be foolish to under estimate the chicanery of Pakistanis . They have always done the unthinkable . 1947 attack on J&K , 1964-65 war on much bigger India , 1992 Kargil , attack on Parliament , Mumbai in 2008 are all testimonies of their courage although fool hardy . We could not give any befitting reply which has made them bolder.
The pnly next logical act can be an attack in India by a dirty nuclear bomb from a stolen uranium after Hafiz Saeed’s party wins considerable seats in Pakisatn’s election in July’18 . By telecasting the Quantico serial, suggesting a false flag operation by hindu nationalists , they have tried to take an anticipatory bail from America . The crime will be committed while being on anticipatory bail in USA public opinion.
But Joshuites planning is deeper . By one dirty nuclear explosion , Hindus and muslims will fight a war of attrition  in South East Asia thus letting  them have a field day . Ultimately the plan is to separate Kashmir,south and north East India from the main land as separate countries . We must guard against this ultimate objective of anti hindu forces to balkanize India .
As far as Priyanka is concerned , by her continuous education in missionary schools , she is psychologically a Mir Zaffer and guilty of selling her country for false fame in Hollywood . In Bollywood she has joined the ranks of Mahesh Bhatt’s army which has made anti Hinduism its publicity  plank . She even visited Rohingya’scamps in Bangladesh but had no words of sympathy for Yezdis or Kashmiri Pandits .Her Padma Shri award  should be taken back and she should be banned from spoiling Indian mind by TV advertisements . If possible she should leave India and marry and settle in USA . Such drastic action is essential to halt many budding Priyankas by making anti Hinduism/ Indianism  a plank to launch their careers abroad .priyanka-chopra-in-bangladesh rohingyas
But now India has to first plan how to undo this damage as Pakistan has taken an anticipatory bail in USA against attack on India by a dirty bomb possibly if BJP and Modi  come back to power in 2019 .
RAW / IB should open a permanent cell to detect and defuse the Balkanising forces against India . They could begin by investigating the Quantico serial through friends.
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    Yes. She should be probed into. Such characterless dubious characters are dangerous to the nation.

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