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Blackened Sudheendra Kulkarni , Kasuri ,Pakistani Friendship : Can We Get What We Want From Pakistan ?

Blackened Sudheendra Kulkarni , Kasuri ,Pakistani Friendship : Can We Get What We Want From Pakistan

R.K.Upadhyayblaackened  kulkarni
I do not approve but am not shedding any copious crocodile tears on ink being thrown on Sudheer Kulkarni . It is like Public lynching of a thief , unacceptable but understandable .

He is at best a turn coat and a Trojan horse of CPM in BJP and was possibly planted by anti national forces to destroy BJP from inside by taking it on Gandhian Socialism type path with pseudo Secularism . His singular achievement was to mislead Advani to visit Pakistan and this reduced the Ayodhya hero to a zero . He became a tool in hands of Ayodhya avengers thus further bringing bad name to Advani at this age . He is too insignificant a player in politics to deserve Shiv Sena’s attention .
The only reason Shiv Sena chose to honour him and gift him fame by blackening his face is because of Kasuri and because it suited Shiv Sena as well to establish itself in the eyes of those who regard such action as ultra nationalism .
I have always regarded Shiv Sena and Muthalik’s Sri Ram sena as true nationalists because in the contorted level field in our country created by HMV ( his masters voice media of sold souls ) , they are forced to adopt the unconventional means which at worst are wrong means for a right cause . Their causes are always right and as in Mahabharat right means cannot achieve right ends in the present media environment . Wrong means cannot be condoned but atleast understood just like Gandhiji understood Bhagat Singh’s act !

But why should Kasuri be opposed ?
If he is pleading for peace between India and Pakistan ,is it not what all of us have always wanted with Pakistan ? Moreover if both India and Pakistan are so desirous of peace , why has it been so elusive ?
Before reading Kasuri’s book ,peacenicks type people should first read a better Pakistani book ‘ Crossed Swords ‘ which gives detailed account of why 1965 war was inflicted upon India by General Ayub Khan ?
Manmohan Singh had a view that starting with trade will create a vested interest in peace amongst two countries .
But in 1965 even the Afghanistan- India route was open . There were about nine custom points for almost free trade between India and Pakistan . Trade was flourishing .The only reason was that Ayub was under pressure politically and thought of attacking India only because his army officers convinced him that weak hindus will not be able to with stand one hard knock in ribs.
Pakistan army, inspite of 1971 defeat has been showing the same contempt for Indians by planning dare devilish attacks on our Parliament , Mumbai attack by Kasab team etc . Kasuri was the foreign minister of the author of Kargil war after Vajpayee’s trip to Lahore .
Pakistani army depends on rogue islamists to control its arch enemy the ‘ Pakistani Politicians ‘. Mumbai was done just to keep Zardari’s enthusiasm for normalization in check . Nawaz was controlled by Quadri’s rally . Why Lakhvi was releaed ?

By persuing peace as usual , we will give wrong signal .
We donot need trade with Pakistan which the civilian leaders can deliver . We just want peace at borders as well as inside from terrorists . In reality the terrorist power of Pakistan has to be overwhelmed then only we will get peace . We must have  and demonstrate capacity to unleash three Mumbais in Lahore or Karachi on next big provocation . This alone will bring Pakistan to senses . But Islamic terror cannot be matched by others due to a unique religious sanction in ‘Jihad ‘. Islmiic Terrorista have same advantage which African enjoy in long distance running .So like the suicidal Palestine provocations against Israel, we have to protect ourselves but simultaneously learn to live with Islamic Terrorism .
‘Aman ki Ashas’ serve a purpose of keeping temperatures low and should continue .’ But the ‘ Rogue ‘ army of Pakistan understand only the language of force and we must acquire it even in Balace of terror .
Kasuri is welcome to India so are Musharraf , Imran Khan , Zardari , Singers , artists, patients , tourists , traders etc etc but they only can keep the temperature a bit lower . It is the Pakistani army that will decide Indo – Pak relations .

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