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Can JNU Rise Again Like Phoenix From The Ashes of Anti Nationalism And Rabid and Extremist Communism

Can JNU Rise Again Like Phoenix From The Ashes of Anti Nationalism And Rabid and Extremist Communism


Although the Delhi high court has given a six months conditional bail to Kanhaiya Kumar but there is no doubt that Police did the right thing in arresting the culprits .
A question can be genuinely be asked that what is the permissible limit of freedom of expression that can be permitted in an educational institution . Once I think Y.B.Chavan had said that who has not been a communist in young days and has not matured with age .I had in Musoorie a young Bihari marxist probationer in income tax who had thrown bombs but became normal guy as good counsel prevailed .
Heavens would not have fallen if some students had in a debate supported Kashmiri’s right to secceed from India or plebicite . After all thse are being said in news channels and by Pakistanis every day .
Expressing a differing opinion is not sedition .jnu protest

But there is a difference between studying evolution of political thought including Marxism and practicing marxist politics in campus . JNU had become an’ADDA ‘ of practicing extreme marxism . When you celebrate death of 76 CRPF constables in a university it is not freedom but sedition .When you try organise budding terrorists for Hafiz Saeed or ISIS it is sedition .If you eat beef in NIZAM you are exercising freedom but if you organise beef festival in a university where 95% of fellow students are hurt it is wrong just as it is wrong to publicly call Durga a sex worker in a university which has a large number of Durga worshippers .

How can any section of students object to RSS / Baba Ram Dev visit to JNU when PRAKASH KARAT or Sita Ram Yechury visit the university so often . Is it not intolerance of highest order .

I am glad that this arrest has changed it for good .
Academic freedom in debates must be allowed but not politicking in university campus at public expense .

Also the micro minority of CPM oriented people cannot treat university as their fiefdom .RSS / ABVP has as much right to be present in campus .The leftist historians like Irfan Habib, Romila Thapar , DD.KOSHAMBI cannot be allowed to dominate the academic world by state support . They can struggle to give their view of history just as hindu historians did for last sixty years .

The tragedy is that 90 % of JNU students and faculty have nothing to do with these politicians in twentees. They are sincerely persuing academics in an excellent academic institution .
Today their reputation and career is at stake because they kept quiet when Umars and Kanhais were hijacking the university .
The university can rise from ashes of anti nationalism if it shuns all the budding politicians and concentrate on just academics .

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