2:17 pm - Wednesday July 26, 2017

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saeed naqvi

Understanding The Highly Educated Muslims’ Viewpoint of India – Saeed Naqvi’s Interview

छोडो कल की

छोडो कल की बातें – गीत

aapas ki baat

India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and America : Brilliant and Clear Thinking of a Pakistani – Najam Sethi

a must see video
jai he

Jai He : Beautiful Rendition Of Full Song Of National Anthem


द्वारकाधीश दर्शन – डेढ़ मिनिट की फिल्म

mumbai terror

Outstanding Google Advertisement Film on Need for Indo Pak Unity

Kuldeep Nayyar , Khushwant Singh will love this Indo Pak Unity advertisement of Google , which is in its way is what Gandhi film was to Gandhi . I donot know who produced it but the film is just too good BUT with post Zia text book’s...
catching fish turns tragic

Catching Fish Turns Dangerous – Short Video


The Failed Multiculturism in Europe : Let Us Not Repeat The Same Mistake

Please see the You Tube movie by clicking on link  below  . Eurabia is facing Europe as a deadly virus . Now they are realizing the problems of multiculturism . Indian constitution has very rightly kept equality to all as a fundamental principle...

A Speech by General Bakshi – Every Patriot Must Listen

Mother  Elephant Saves Baby From Drowning-1

Mother Elephant Saves Baby Elephant From Drowning : Short Video