2:12 pm - Sunday September 24, 2017

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film majority report

Injustice to poor hindus of India by Sachchar Committee’s Fraudulent Implementation : Film by PatrotsForum on The Majority Report

members may like to watch an interview of the authors of the book ‘The Majority Report’ ie Sh Ram Kumar Ohri and Jai Prakash Sharma , both retired IPS Officers.
अरविन्द सीआईए एजेंट

क्या अरविन्द केजरीवाल अमरीकी एजेंट हैं ? सलाखें विडियो देखिये

यह प्रश्न पूछा जा रहा है की अरविन्द सोनिया के विरुद्ध क्यों चुनाव नहीं लड़ रहे ,मोदी के विरुद्ध...
saeed naqvi

Understanding The Highly Educated Muslims’ Viewpoint of India – Saeed Naqvi’s Interview

छोडो कल की

छोडो कल की बातें – गीत

aapas ki baat

India , Pakistan , Afghanistan and America : Brilliant and Clear Thinking of a Pakistani – Najam Sethi

a must see video
jai he

Jai He : Beautiful Rendition Of Full Song Of National Anthem


द्वारकाधीश दर्शन – डेढ़ मिनिट की फिल्म

mumbai terror

Outstanding Google Advertisement Film on Need for Indo Pak Unity

Kuldeep Nayyar , Khushwant Singh will love this Indo Pak Unity advertisement of Google , which is in its way is what Gandhi film was to Gandhi . I donot know who produced it but the film is just too good BUT with post Zia text book’s...
catching fish turns tragic

Catching Fish Turns Dangerous – Short Video


The Failed Multiculturism in Europe : Let Us Not Repeat The Same Mistake

Please see the You Tube movie by clicking on link  below  . Eurabia is facing Europe as a deadly virus . Now they are realizing the problems of multiculturism . Indian constitution has very rightly kept equality to all as a fundamental principle...