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drone ambulance

how a new drone ambulance can save a heart attack patient

members may see how a new drone ambulance can save a heart attack patient
fukishima nuclear plant

Reviewing Nuclear Power : Fukushima and The End of Humanity !

A massive tsunami hit the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukishima IN 2011 . The plant was working and the nuclear fuel rods were working .There was a possibilty of full fledged Chernobyl disaster of 1986 in Ukraine in which a reactor of nuclear...
gama ray telescope

India set to open a new window to universe in two years

India set to open a new window to universe in two years Amit Mitra    · <a href=”http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/news/science/india-set-to-open-a-new-window-to-universe-in-two-years/article6157649.ece?textsize=large&test=1″...
future of diagnostics

Future Of Diagnostics – Smart Phone as A Major Diagnostic Tool

A Chinese policeman salutes as a magnetic-levitation train leaves Shanghai.

China Plans To Build High Speed Rail Link To USA With 200 kms Tunnel Under Sea

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/may/08/chinese-experts-discussions-high-speed-beijing-american-railway ‘China-Russia-Canada-America line’ would run for 13,000km across Siberia and pass under Bering Strait through 200km tunnel Jonathan...
future operating room

The Future Operating Room – Technology

solar powered aircraft

First Solar Powered Aircraft To Visit India Next Year

विश्व का सर्व प्रथम सौर ऊर्जा से उड़ने वाला हवाई जहाज अगले साल भारत आयेगा . यह हवाई जहाज सत्तर किलोमीटर...
UAV Global Hawk

Global Hawk : Unmanned Aerial Vehicle That Can Fly For Two Days at 65000 feet

Contributed by Arun Bhagra e mail Subject: FW: GLOBAL HAWK It’s a long way from WW II missions…. The Global Hawk will be stationedin Guam!! The Global HawkThis is a photo of the Global Hawk UAV that recently...


Just                          vantastic! Head-turning campervan opens up to                          reveal secret compartment at the flick of a                         ...

Aawaz, an app to send an alert under distress

Bombil Media, an enterprise app developer, has launched Aawaz – an app that can be used by people in distress to alert people in their vicinity about their plight. Ashwin Roy Choudhary, founder and CEO, Bombil Media says the inspiration...