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End Of India Predicted in Ghazva – e – Hind & End of Pakistan in Astrological Prediction in 2017 : Need For Deep Intelligence ,Caution and Restraint

End Of India Predicted  in Ghazva – e – Hind  & End of Pakistan in Astrological Prediction in 2017 : Need For Deep Intelligence ,Caution and Restraint

Rajiv Upadhyay RKU

Mad Mullahs have always been preaching the end of India as per Ghazva-e-hind . As per their version supposedly supported by Hadiths , Islamic soldiers will attack India from Sindh and area in Pakistan , imprison its king , turn and win Syria and that area and mix with Christian forces . Tehrike Taliban has been attacking Pakistan in its queer interpretation that since Pakistan was part of India attacking it is the prophecy of Ghazva-e-Hind . Also Mujahidin of Pakistan are being asked to attack India as per Ghazva-e-Hind . Even IS has kept its flag black to imitate Hadith predictions . Members may watch the Youtube film on predictions of Ghazva-e-Hind and its misuse / misinterpretation  by known India baiters now receiving 1000 lashes in Madina jail of Saudi Arabia , their erstwhile  favourite country , for speaking against Arabs on Yemen War . This misimterpretation of Hadith is used extensively to Whip up anti India sentiments amongst uneducated in Pakistan etc .



On the other hand an astrological prediction about Pakistan breaking up in 2017 is also given below for readers to evaluate . While IS had boasted that it will take Nuclear bomb from Pakistan yet the news has to be handled with maturity .

It is known that Saddam had casually told American Ambassador in Iraq about his intentions to attack Kuwait and he mistook his silence as acceptance . The rest is history . Similarly eight year long indecisive and wasteful  Iran Iraq war  was really provoked by some one more intelligent .

There is a lot of sense in PM Modi and Nawaz Sharif  UFA declaration of bringing lasting peace between neighbours . Neither side can afford a war and Mumbai will normally hurt any human being .But deranged army hardliners in Pakistan will only play into the hands of known Iran Iraq war provocators and ultimately destroy Pakistan by making it enter an unwanted and unwinnable war with India . But all those Quranic injunctions will be misused to urge war with India as the ultimate Jihad as predicted in Ghazva- e- Hind

India is in the most unenviable position . If attacked by a dirty bomb in say Gujrat , it will have to retaliate and a war will be forced upon us unwillingly by even the Pakistani government . But we cannot be caught sleeping nor can we afford to not retaliate .

The only solution is in keeping Pakistan Government constantly  informed about activities of its mad army and mullahs so that it can hopefully control their misdeeds . An Indo Pak war is the last thing we need .

But consider a most dangerous scenario hitherto unsaid so far  .   What if Musharaf was promised coup and presidentship of Pakistan for attacking Kargil  by a third county ? . War would have got rid of Vajpayee and Shariff both the key players in nuclear explosion . It does not need much prodding to guess which country could do it . The same country created IS and even Al Qaida . If Russia was not allowed access to Indian ocean , will China not be stopped by proxys . Unfortunately Chinese leadership has adopted massive provocative 46 billion dollar package with a naval base in Gwadar . That military ambition will kill this project . Our postion with China and Pakistan asneighbours is worst , well described by Kabir दो  पाटन के बीच मैं साबुत बचा न कोय !

But in view of emergence of so many new Terrorist Groups RAW and IB needs strengthening and full support as it is their efficiency alone that can prevent this self destructive war .

Members may raed astrological prediction about Pakistan on link below .


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11 Responses to “End Of India Predicted in Ghazva – e – Hind & End of Pakistan in Astrological Prediction in 2017 : Need For Deep Intelligence ,Caution and Restraint”

  1. Baldev Singh
    September 7, 2015 at 10:26 pm #

    Pakistan should be stopped now before it destroys us ,there will be no voice of reason in p.akistan as days progress .Pakistan is a land of suicidal religion and suicidal people .D’nt kid yourself pakistan will nuke india without any thought ..these are jihadi who believe in heaven after death .We should have stopped pakistan before it aquired weapons of mass destruction .Paki intentions are venomous d’nt be deluded by their offer to talk and play cricket .Their relgion teaches them to go to war and kill non believers,Pakistan must be attacked and splintered sooner than later or India will be nuked of this there is no doubt

  2. dil dil pakistan
    June 29, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    what is the body size of your sister? When we will conquer india, i will be there for your sister

    • July 21, 2016 at 12:16 am #

      Taking the size of sister is Pakistani art and you conquer india. Look at your ass hai dum .and give the size of your sister and mother to your friends (terrorist)

  3. Syed
    November 3, 2016 at 11:39 am #

    Dear Baldev there had been enough time for India to destroy Pakistan or win them over but what did India do with that time? Planned partition of Bengal, perpetrated attacks like Gujrat massacre, Samjhota Express and even Uri camp. There had been 60 bloody year for India to win over the Kashmiris but what did you do? Mass massacre of Kashmiris. There had been more or less the same amount of time with India to win over sikhs and what did they do? Turned them against India and made them to demand for Khalistan. Whenever Pakistan asked for negotiations India had always put forward conditional acceptance apart from those times when India was being beaten badly by Pakistani forces. You know what? This attitude of India is suicidal. Pakistan wasn’t the one to start the nuclear race in the region, it was India. Pakistan is not the one to boast of super-sonic missiles, India is. Pakistan is not the one trying to build hegemony in the region, India is. Pakistan is not the one trying to corner India in sea, land and even in diplomatic affairs, India is. India had tried to stop Pakistan before acquisition of the weapons of MAD and yet it was the one to start the race. No, It is not Pakistan that is to be stopped, rather it is India and its fascist designs that are to be undermined. Any act of defense from Pakistan seems venomous to the Indian authorities. Did Pakistan ask for starting the nuclear race? Did Pakistan ask for starting the race of air superiority? No and again no. Pakistanis would not go for the nuclear option right away, but they will use the technology in their defense. It is our army and its expertise that we are proud of. We take nukes as a deterrent to your nukes and not an equipment for creating hegemony in the region which is how India takes them. So not Pakistani but Indian designs are the point of contention against peaceful growth of the region. Secondly, according to the predictions, Ghazwa-e-Hind is going to start when India attacks Pakistan and not by Pakistan attacking India. FYI it had been predicted that Pakistan will initially lose 3/4th of its territory before the scenario changes. This cannot happen if Pakistan is to attack India rather the vice versa. So keep in mind that it is the same thinking you and your nationals are propagating and spreading that will cause the start of Ghazwa-e-Hind and not Pakistani designs. And Amir there is no specific definition of terrorism. A freedom fighter for the oppressed will always be a terrorist for the oppressor. A policeman will always be a terrorist for the criminals. And Mr. Dil Dil Pakistan or whoever you are, God’s help comes with piety and purity of mind and soul. If you want Ghazwa-e-Hind to be won by Pakistanis with the frame of mind you are exhibiting here, if you want it to happen so that you can have hindu girls then I am sorry to say but you are not worthy for God’s help. After all, after both Israeli and Arab generals signed the peace agreement at the end of Gulf War, the Israeli general asked the Arab counterpart that he had read muslim history and found out that God’s help descended on the muslims whenever at war so why didn’t that help descend in the gulf war? The Arab general answered that God’s help did descend but when it saw that both the sides are equally sinful and filled with worldly desires, that help chose to side with the party that had better technology. And believe me, you cannot match India only on the basis of warheads and weapons. You must first purify your heart and mind or else be ready for more and more shame and disasters.

  4. razi
    January 2, 2017 at 4:29 pm #

    well said syed

    • Rajan
      February 10, 2017 at 2:48 pm #

      Such a long joke Syed….

  5. Khan A
    February 23, 2017 at 1:30 pm #

    Extremism in any garb is enemy of humanity. We need to treat the disease not its symptoms because by addressing the symptoms the disease remains and even re-emerge in ugly forms. It was unfortunate that some politicians joined hands with the British to divide India. It is even more unfortunate that religious class hijacked this partition agenda to create even a bigger divide on both sides, the result you see is terrorism in Pakistan and right-wing dominated politics in India. It’s time now that we promote dialogue, democracy, rights of the citizens, fair judiciary and independent press on both sides to achieve a common goal in which Muslims and Hindus don’t fear one another be it on any side. As long as fear prevails, it will be used to stir passions and create divide as it was used to create Pakistan. This is the age of democracy and freedom. We must realize that our children will not buy in the idea that we could just go on fighting and killing only because of religious divide. They will lose faith in such religious sentiments that exhort people to dominate one another. It applies to both Hindus and Muslims. We had a golden opportunity before independence that was lost because the two nation theory. The opportunity for peace will always remain and that is the only solution humanity will have settle for, be it any religion, race or culture. No military dominance or economic power has sustained without cooperation anywhere in the history. If Pakistani fanatics dream that they can divide India through hate preaching, they are not talking from the spirit of Islam. Their friend China has far fewer Muslims than India. If Indian right wing dream they can create a Hindu rashtra and it will be all cozy and sweet, they are being misled too. We need to get to the root of the spirit. Islam is about rule of justice and fairness. Ram Rajya is about a rule where every citizen has a say. That spirit of democracy, rights and dialogues has to be brought back. That is the only way to survive. We will have to come to this, no matter what. The question is how much blood we will shed before we realize this is the only way. The Westerners paid a very heavy price through World Wars before they realized this. I just hope we learn from the mistakes of others.

  6. Dhiren
    April 21, 2017 at 9:01 pm #

    Pakistan is going end by his own jihadists. Whole world knows that Pakistan is terrorist country. They r not leaving in real world they r leaving in islamophobia.

  7. July 3, 2017 at 9:34 am #

    One who attempt to destroy Bharata / Hindus / Hinduism, are inevitably destroyed themselves.

    It is a fact of history. Since Islam is on the verge of being wiped out from the face of earth, they are attempting to destroy Hinduis.

  8. July 16, 2017 at 7:24 pm #

    Why do you suppress my comments

  9. July 16, 2017 at 7:37 pm #

    Hadiths are myth by non-realized written after thirty years of passing away of prophet Muhammad, as instigated by Caliphs who had revolted against orders by prophet. Let India disintigrate Pakistan but have our arrmy controlling each division till 2024, when China shall be totally destroyed per Koran’s Kiyamat and Bible’s judgment.

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