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Hindu Temples Becoming Breeding Ground For Islamic Terrorism By Deceit

Subject: Hindu Temples Becoming Breeding Ground For Islamic Terrorism

We have to bring to your notice a serious development of grave security concer. This is based on personal first hand information/experience.

A senior Professor of Mathematics and officially involved in many government projects, happened to be staying in a guest house (abasan) attached to a temple in south Delhi. He came to know of a muslim young man staying in the same abasan with a hindu name (Angsuman). Nobody ever suspected anything wrong with him.At the time of seeking a seat, he had shown a driving license (in hindu name), an acceptable identity proof.

The young man has left in the evening of February 5.He must be a Bangladeshi. He was fluent in Bengali.

Surprisingly, he was staying in dormitory. There are two other Bangaldeshi youth staying at the abasan currently.

Interestingly, the CBI had looked up the boy about two months back and seized from him a lap top and a printer. Why did not the CBI man neither take him in custody nor even discuss the matter with the temple authority is not clear.

Sir, the incident narrated here leads us to believe that the temple abasans in other parts of Delhi, for that matter, any where in the country, are also similarly vulnerable to be so used. It is a good technique. No wonder we frequently read in the press new faces aspiring or are already ready to join the ISIS or a spy network of the Pak ISI surfacing in different parts of the country.

It is no wonder that we find a report in The Statesman of date (February 6, 2016) that the ISIS has a recruitment strategy targeting the entire country.

Apart from investigating the case, referred to, in which, we can extend a helping hand, all temple authoritise in the country would need to be alerted about this technology for being both watchful and introduce suitable pre-emptive measures where possible. We understand the simple method of “pants down” is common in the West to determine one’s identity.

Respectfully yours,

Yours sincerely,

D.C. Nath

(Former Spl. Director, IB)

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