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Human Right Predators , Sandhu ,Sajjan Kumar and Advantages of Constitutional Propriety

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Human Right Predators , Sandhu ,Sajjan Kumar and Advantages of Constitutional Propriety  – Rajiv Upadhyay


Convictions  for anti Sikh Riots of 1984 and UP PAC for killing of Hashimpura muslims in 1987 has restored the faith of these communities in our constitution and judicial system . It will help in  their being emotionally a part of India. Upholding equality and majesty of law are always welcome as it cements national integration . Killing of innocent  civilians for any cause cannot be left unpunished .KPS GILL

However one can not be sure whether to feel proud of our judicial system which convicted Sajjan Kumar in 2018 at the age of 73 for his role in anti Sikh riots in 1984  or should feel ashamed of our soft state now being eaten by traitors posing as Human Right Activists who get selectively pained by death of Sohrabuddin or Isharat Jahan but not by plight of  Kashmiri pundits or a polity where lacs turn up funeral of Yakub Menon who was hanged in 2015 after years of protracted trial and  appeals to Supreme court for Mumbai bombings of 1993 in which more than 300 innocents were killed. I am not sure whether the Akali government was right in fighting doggedly to prevent hanging of  Rajona , assassin of Punjab CM Baint Singh , even after the president had rejected his mercy appeal and Supreme court had confirmed his death sentence . Worse still , I cried on the fate of our nation when a Tamilnadu judge  wanted to free Nalini serving life sentence in Rajiv Gandhi murder case . Her sentence had already been reduced from death to life imprisonment. Similarly killers of Smt. Gandhi are lionized in Golden temple museum .Even the gruesome murder of our Prime Minister was sacrificed at the altar of politics .

The late legendry KPS Gill must be lauded for his courage when he openly defended and cried when Punjab police hero SSP Sandhu committed suicide due to harassment by human right activists . The precious life of an  officer could not be saved by state , who was decorated  twice by President for his bravery and service to nation and who restored peace in Taran Taran . Why should those human right activists not be charged with abetting suicide. Those who are rejoicing today over Sajjan Kumar conviction in anti Sikh Riot of 1984 because he is in congressmen  or those who rejoiced over suicide of SSP  Sandhu or those on conviction of DGP Vanjara or minister Kodani  of Gujrat or on release of Inder Singh Reyat  by Canadian courts , who killed 329 passengers of Air India plane by planting a bomb,  will rue it some day when no one will take risk for state or community .

These are only the nails in the coffin of the Soft Indian State . Indians will have to pay the price of of its government’s ineptitude in not defending the solid pillars of State like General Vaidya , SSP Sandhu , Major Gogoi , DGP Vanjara . But  USA , the greatest democracy and the preacher of human rights , is not a weak state .It did not abandon its duty to protect its innocent citizens due to human right campaigners . To circumvent its hide bound law courts and TRP crazy media , it out sourced torture of terrorist in interrogation by setting up the Guntanamo  prison out of its soil ie in Cuba naval base . It recognized the limitation of constitutionality in dealing with hard core terrorists inspite of Patriots Act.eichman

Israel on the other hand even went one step further .Violating all international laws , it arrested Eichman living in Argentina and secretly smuggled him to Israel and hanged him after prolonged public trials for his role in holocaust and killing of Jews in Hitler’s Germany . Germany too , very fairly on its part , convicted in 2015 Oscar Groening    who was only performing his official duty as a accountant  in Auschwitz concentration camp . Germany was following the principles of justice  laid by its famous philosopher Imannuel Kant who said law of punishment is a categorical imperative . But Germany is an exception due to extreme numbers of jews killed.

Hopelessly divided Indian state may not care but nation must wonder why in these thirty years no one has pursued and punished the KCF or other Khalistani activists who were responsible for mureder of 11783 innocent civilians in Punjab  , substantially hindus during  Punjab militancy award wapsi. All those who took out hindus from busses and trains  killed them have not been caught or brought to justice . one lakh hindus permanently migrated out of Punjab in those days . Hindu sufferings and killings do not attract notice of our so called human right activists who are really just white collar mercenaries. No Khushwant Singh or others do Award Wapsi for them !

Fortunately India is not Pakistan where a Christian woman can be sentenced to death for a heated argument with other women on a well while fetching water .   We genuinely cherish our rule of law .It is also true that conviction of Sajjan Kumar or those who killed muslims in Meerut  massacre , if correct , will contribute in due course in producing more secular K.P.S.Gills or Abdul Hamids in future . Upholding the majesticity of law  irrespective of price always has some salutary effects . But just also think what would have happened if there were no riots after Godhra train burning ? Were Sikhs right in cleansing Punjab of muslims because muslims of Pakistan first started cleansing of Lahore of hindus and Sikhs. Was there any workable constitutional solution available then ? In Bengal thousands died in Direct Action Day violence . Did Jinnah followed constitutionalism , but did muslims rejected Jinnah for Direct Action Day violence ?

Indian state cannot abandon its responsibility of protecting innocent people by not protecting brave officers like KPS gen vaidya killersGILL , Riberio , Lt Gen Brar  ,SSP Sandhus , DGP Vanjaras etc who went out of the way in meeting the calls of their duty. Like Americans , it should have relocated them out of country for nation owes them a great debt . History will not be soft on those who kept quiet when DIG Atwal was killed in Golden temple or could not return their awards when hindus were taken out of trains and killed in Punjab or  those who mourned Yakub Menon . History will also question double standards followed in case of Rajona  vis a vis Sajjan Kumar and Vanjara .

Time has come for government and political parties to draw red lines for protecting  our nation and democracy from organized terror which is not amenable to normal laws drafted for innocent civilians and protecting armed forces and others from ‘Human Right Predators’ .

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