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Kashmir during sheikh abdullah ., Sadiq, Qasim, Gulshah and Farooq abdullah -an article by Suresh Chand Kalhan


Kashmir during sheikh abdullah ., Sadiq, Qasim, Gulshah and Farooq abdullah -an article by Suresh Chand Kalhan india-kashmir-protest-women
The land in northern part of Himalayas in india was named behind Rishi Kashyap who was owner of it. Rishi Kashyap carved this land with assistance of Lord shiva and with help of labourers into the beautiful valley wherein the people from all parts of India came to reside. ALMOST all the residents were learned persons and were as such called Kashmiri Hindu Pandits.
But with passage of time, there was continuous forceable conversion of hindus from very beginning of mughals rule . Hurt by this convesion The hindu pandits decided to approach Rana ranjit singh through Raja gulab singh. Pt birbal and his son raja kak went to Jammu and after taking a letter from raja gulab singh, they reached punjab and met the rana ranjit singh.
Rana ranjit singh was not happy over the conversion of hindus and sent his army of 30000 soldiers under his five commanders and under leadership of raja gulab singh and under geographical guidence of Pt birbal,.on 20th june 1819. The punjab army defeated the afghan ruler ajim khan. Sikh army wanted to loot the kashmiri muslims, but pt birbal asked them not to do it. There was the rule of Rana ranjit singh for 27 years under raja gulab singh.
At the time of amritsar treaty in 1846 between sikhs and britishers, the britishers penalized raja gulab singh for sikh-british war even when he was recongnized as ruler of kashmir. Not only this biritishers also appointed an british agent , establishing their control over raja gulab singh .
Following revolt of 1857, britishers started to have a strong footings over the land of India,. Kashmir was then ruled by raja gulab singh followed by his successors. Ranbir singh, partap singh and then lastly Maharaja hari singh.
Sheikh abdullah
In the roundtable conference of chambers of Princes , Maharaja Hari singh was invited in 1931, in London., in capacity of its Chairman. Here Hari singh became courageous to reveal his sentiments of patriotism towards India, and raised the issue of the total independence of India. Britishers never thought of such a grave situation arising in the conferendce. It made them angry and started thinking adverse effects of it lest they may not loose their hands and control over India.
Looking into the patriotism and nationalism of Raja Hari singh, the britishers started creating a wall against it. Lord mountbaiten then viceroy of India., found a Young person,sheikh mohd abdullah , hatered of Hindus and Maharaja and was a product of aligarh university but was a simple school teacher of science in Srinagar. After getting support of British govt , he started hated speaches and used the mosques for delivering inflamatory speeches . Certain documents published in the prominent newspaper Blitz revealed the support of british govt to sheikh abdullah. It showed how far. , how long and at how much length the british govt supported him to creat a gap between hindus and muslims, to creat a hate against maharaja, and dogras of Jammu including hindus.
During these periods,, sheikh was able to get support not only of govt but also of the prominent leaders like jawaharlal nehru and abdul gaffar khan. He launched quit kashmir movement in 1946 agaisnt maharaja hari singh, and dogras for which nehru supported him a lot. Maharaja asked nehru not to support sheikh but all went in vain. Thereby sheikh was put behind the bars. Nehru went to kashmir against the imprisonment of sheikh despite the fact that maharaja had bannned the entry of nehru in kashmir.
This uniletral action of nehru to enter kashmir, annoyed many congress leaders including mohd ali jinah . Result was that sheikh was forced to withdraw this movement fearing his arrest. He planned to flee Kashmir . This time under instructions of maharaja , the vigilant police arrested him near URI on 21st may 1946 and was put in jail at badami bagh srinagar. This , quit kashmir movement was fully crushed. But ultimate result was that hatedness in the mind of Nehru agaist Maharaja much more deepened.
After independence and partisan of india, sardar patel took active part with iron hand for amalgamation of small states into a unfying india, . Here Lord mountbaiten was very much successful in preventing maharaja hari singh from acceeding to indian union through maharaja’s prime minisiter mr RC kak a pro -pakistani . Mr kak was later removed by maharaja due to his pro-pakistani activities and appointed janak singh as PM followed by mr mehar chand mahajan at instance of sardar Patel.
When pakistani armed forces with local tribal armed men entred kashmir and reached Srinagar, maharaja Hari singh sent a letter of accession duly singed by him on 24th oct 1947 to govt of india through mr mehar chand mahajan. At this time Nehru kept sardar patel aside and asked maharaja for getting help of India, to hand over the complete charge/power to sheikh abdullah and go out of state. Maharaja was forced to do so by Nehru and he handed over the powers to sheikh abdullah . After this indian forces started taking action and pushed pak-forces upto baramullah till the cease -fire was declared.
Just after obtaining the powers in jammu and kashmir, sheikh abdullah delivered a hated speech on 27th oct 1947 , against hindus and incited the reliogious sentiments of muslims,.without a single word in favour of govt of india or indian armed forces. Even In an interview with two british journalists, sheikh abdullah showed his desire for an independent kashmir state.
An movement against sheikh anti indian activities were launched by Dr shayama parshad mukherjee in may 1953 where in dr mukherjee was jailed and was mysteriously killed. sheiikh abdullah was dismissed immediately by sadar-ae-riyasat in aug 1953 and was later on jailed for eleven years in a conspiracy case which took place between 9th aug 1953 and 29th april 1958 The Certain documentry proof against sheikh , collected by then CM bakshi ghulam mohd with help of some intellegence people, were shown to Nehru .,. At this Nehru was shocked . A case was filed against sheikh , mirza afzal beg and 22 other conspirators on the charge (a) to incite people for communal riots (b) to recruit volunteers for success of conspiracy (c) for taking help of criminal activists through unconstitutional means to overthrow bakshi govt with help of Pakistan govt .
This case of conspiracy of kashmir was continued for 6 years from 1958 onwards, then all of a sudden , Nehru and Mr sadiq decided to withdraw case in 1964. After his release, sheikh abdullah , his wife and Afzal baig went to Haj,. But during this period where-ever they went,-they were involved in the anti –indian activities. On his arrival, back to India, his passport was cancelled And was arrested. Later on in 1967 sheikh was again released.
After Nehru’s death in 1964, he was interned from 1965 to 1968 and exiled from Kashmir in 1971 for 18 months. The Plebiscite Front was also banned.,at that time.
After resignation of CM Mr mir sadiq , Sheikh Abdullah again became the Chief Minister of the state in 1974 due to Indira–Sheikh accord.,.Sheikh remained in the top slot till his death on 8 September 1982. During this period he also introduced an anti hindu bill called resettlemment bill with provision that muslims who have gone to paksitan can come back to valley, to remove constitutional hurdel to unify the two parts of the kashmir and to deprive off the hindus from their rights of citizenship to buy or to construct a property/house in kashmir, But this bill was rejected by then governor of kashmir.
Besides this, during this period sheikh supported a separatist organisation called Al-Fatah by withdrawing the cases against 30 separatist leaders of this organisation., secured a political ground for his son Farooq abdullah, his son in law Gulshah and a lok sabha seat for his wife in parliament.
To summrize his activities :-
(a) delivered inflamatory hated speeches of anti indian and also against Hindus, dogras of jammu and against maharaja hari singh. (b) He incited muslim persons for support of communal activities to overthrow the kashmir rulling govt, .He took an active support of Pakistan, now a foreign land, against India . (d) introuduction of most dangerous resettlement bill depriving the hindus from buying or construct a property within kashmir ,avoiding them from their rights of citizenship and also allowing muslims who have gone to Pakistan to come back though bill was rejected by governor.
Mr. Sadiq, Qasim, Gulshah and Farooq abdullah
mohd sadiq
He was chief minister after bakshi ghulam mohd.He always considered himself first a Muslim then a kashmiri/indian and an administrator. He did not encouage the forceble conversion but made certain law by which a person of other community , may have to adopt islam in order to get benefits. Despite the fact that muslims were having majority in kashmir, yet mr sadiq got 70% of seats reserved for muslims in every field including justice, schools and colleges. or medical/engineering college, for which one may have to abadon his/her religion, an unjustice to the minority persons,.
To quote one sikh, 20 hindus and 3 hindu girls were left with no option except to abadon their religion in kashmir in order to get a seat in medical./engineering institutions. No encouragement was given to a person on ground of merits. Sadiq govt refused to amend such law of unjust.
Besides above, the trio of plebsite front (though bannned) , sadiq govt and the anti-active elements were having clear understanding with each other., the purpose of mr sadiq was to obtain power in kashmir to keep his political ambitious on top and to win support of centre
The anti indian activities increased so much that in chinkral mohallla , the houses of hindus were attacked by muslims in 1964. Even an resolution was passed against accession of kashmir in indian union , forcing hindus to quit kashmir. An agitation lauched against it by united hindus was fully curbed with the support of centre.
The highest level of harm committed by sadiq govt in kashmir was to make reservation of seats for muslims forcing thereby other communities to abadon their religious path to get benefit of this law relating to reservations.
Farooq abdullah
Before becoming chief minister farooq abdullah s/o sheikh abdullah , has spent most of his life in London and a british citizenship holder. He had a link with jammu kashmir liberation front , its chief annamullah khan , having links with terrorist leader Hashim quareshi and maqbool butt . During his rule as CM of kashmir, (HOW HE BECAME CHIEF MINISTER EVEN WHEN HE WAS A BRITISH CITIZEN) he became umberalla to the terrorists and JKLF leaders.A large number of terrorists and inflators with arms and ammunitions came in India through pakistan and got the govt jobs/ govt positions and also in police deptt . having clear support of many influential politicians.
Many Provocating speeches of maqbool butt and Syed ali shah gilani were recorded and such casssets were distributed asking the youths to pick up arms against India. This CM farooq abdullah became an umberalla to such activities., uprooting national glory. Earlier to farooq abdullah many terrorists were arrested but during his rule these were let free, Pak flags were hoisted at bakshi staduium in 1983. He remained silent observor when terriorists started large number of Hindus out of valley,.
Not only this, in 1984 he went to Punjab to meet terriorist Mr Jarnail singh bhinderwala who was neither a leader of sikhs nor a CM of punjab. What connection was farooq having with him. This shows that farooq may have his internal joint link with bhinderwala and the pakistan .
Now see how far farooq abdullah showed his upper hand. , in exciting sentiments of religious communalism in 1984 elections to get the votes in favour of national conference party.
Ist poster was showing pityable conditions of kashmiris with indications that Govt of india is responsible for such conditions.
2nd poster was a map of kashmir showing a boy with blood stains around his chest.
3rd poster carried Guns and Bayonets pointed towards kashmir as if kashmir is surrounded with the India as enemy.
4th poster showed a girl as a kashmiri nation.
all these posters were meant to ask voters to Vote for national conference.
now see how much harm farooq abdullah rendered to india and kashmir as a whole (a) he became umberalla to terrorists (b) he kept mute when large number of hindus were asked to leave valley by terroirists (c) large number of terrorists and inflators became part of govt services including police deptt .(a dangerous activity)
Ghulam mohd shah ( Gulshah)
After elections, during 20 months rule of Ghulam mohd shah,it surpassed all the previous records pertaining to communalism and anti india activitie. Though Farooq and ghulam mohd shah were not in good terms with each other due to power , yet they were sailing in the same boat of anti-hindus and anti india,.
Under reign of Ghulam mohd shah well known as Gulshah , in central secretariate complex. Jammu , a mosque was constructed within premises of an ancient temple., facilitating muslim emplyees to offer prayers within secretariate. A powerful agitation was lauched in jammu under leadership of Vaid vaishnu dutt. When agitators met with Gulshah, he insulted the agitators and favoured the construction of this mosque. , which ultimately provoked hindus,.
TOTAL bandh was observed in jammu and its adjoining areas for four days . Thousands of hindus were courting arrest, with burning of effigies of Gulshah,. He fled to srinagar for his safety without informing anyone,.Hindus removed the mosque shah masjid from the secretariate, a successful agitation launched by hindus. But shah provoked the communal sentiments in srinagar which was calm at that before the arrival of Gulshah.
In meantime locks of doors of Ram janam bhumi were opened. , and entire atmosphre became anti hindus , with rumours that hindus have damaged mosques in jammu and more than 200 muslims have been killed . This was a preplanned action resulting in mass hartals and demonstrations, and violence. The victims of these bacame hindus, hindu women , temples and their houses,which were looted. Slogans of Pakistan zindabad were heard. Gulshah was in srinagar for three days . During these days, police officers supported the rioters . The terrorised hindus approached the higher officers, police officers but with no impact. Survey conducted revealed that all these were happened during curfew hours., using freely weapons kerosene/petrol oils. It is said that more than 500 houses of hindus were ransaked, more than 50 houses were burnt totally, 300 inhabitants were uoprooted, 30 shops were burnt , over 60 temples were damaged alongwith destructions of hotels, factories. All these happened just due to rumours of massacre of muslims in Jammu whereas actually jammu was quite and peaceful.
Govt of kashmir and its police gave full opportunity to muslim youths to indulge themselves in complete arson. Even Ghulam rassol Kar who was son of a congress rajya sabha member led the violent demonstration. So much muslims refused even to sell milk to hindu children . The political parties throughout the country condemned the violence and the riots of Feb 1986.The treatment given to hindu women and forceble migrations of hindu pandits from the valley will be remembered as blackest deeds of 20 month rule of Gulshah,.
In a booklet issued by National Confrence , centain excerpts of speeches of Gulshah (shah sahib) have been published,. These speeches indicates that post of Chief minister, govt institutions are the centres of Islam. He would even like to construct a mosque within Rashtrapati bhavan if he reaches to that level by blessings of God. The political and social atmosphere of the J & K valley was fully poisoned by inciting the religious sentiments of the muslim community., heat of this was affected only to Hindus.
Dr Farooq abdullah again resumed office of CM of kashmir in nov 1986 . He was a lover of pleasures and was enjoying the same even when there was a plan to topple his own govt between june and july 1984. On resuming his office, he got worried about hard core terriorists jailed on the charge of bomb blast and activities of violence and wanted them . Govt decisions even before their implementations, were coming to knowledge of militants/teerorists in valley. One of the head constables named Abdullah Bangroo played a great role in carrying secret messages , letters , and plans of terrorists from one place to another at Annatnag.
The Govt employees were working as area officers of Hijbul Mujahideen ( a said to be terreriosts outfit). At the order of CM 70 hardcore terrorists who were having direct links with paskistan were released from jail. The hospitals were used as hide-out by the terriorists., It was a misfortune for nation that even courts were under grip of many criminal elements/conspirators. In name of Islam.
Hindus were threatened to quit kashmir through newspapers which were also used as a spokespersons of militants/terrorists. The newspapers and TV channels became dangerous tools in hand of such persons . Protests and demostrations were held at the time of arrest of militant Shabir Shah said to be pro-pakistani.
These leaders who became the Prime ministers/chief ministers of kashmir were changing their attitude from time to time incitting the people religious sentiments,. These leaders were the rulers of kashmir from Seikh abdullah to Gulshah who was most dangerous person in particular were belonging to one abdullah dynesty . Entire Kashmir valley was spoiled and poisoned by leaders of this dynesty,. Looking into the deeds of these leaders it can vouched to say that the successors of Sheikh mohd abdullah have been more and more harmful to hindu society and also to indian nation even Sheikh was not less than these , except former CM Bakshi ghulam mohd, a fearless administrator in real sense,.
These leaders belonging to Abdullah dynesty were more harmful even to the Muslim community ,and Spoiling them by letting them to become hard core terrorists for ever., through their hated speeches against hindus. They were keeping their interest only for power at all level.???

In the end questions arise how and why Farooq abdullah became chief minister of kashmir even when he was a british citizen??? And above all having knowledge of brutal massacre of hindus/sikhs done by Pakistani muslims during partisan of india the hindus could not protest and took up arms to protect themselves from muslims for their anti hindu/anti indian activities???
An article Written By Suresh chand kalhan with acknowledgment to sh Narender sehgal as it is based on the book *converted kashmir authored by Shri Narender Sehgal.
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