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Process Of Islamisation Of West Bengal—A Progress Report

D C NathDear Friends,

Subject: Process Of Islamisation Of West Bengal—A Progress Report

We have just reported on “Islamisation Of Germany“. Now, we share with you photographic evidence of a different kind of Islamisation at home, that is, on the soil of India that we love to call “Bharat”.

Yes, your guess is correct. This is in the State of West Bengal, “notorious” enough for its continued efforts to please the minority community to the extent that now it cannot do without doing so. They have certainly outdid the over thirty-year old Marxist rule in the State. This is a State about which we have reported more than once that because of its locational importance from the point of view of national security, will have to be “saved” from the present TMC-led government.

Those friends are with us for long may in this context remember that we had shared with them a “true” account that the members of the majority community in the minority-dominated  border district of Murshidabad had to take the permission of the leaders of the minority community, with virtual police suggestion, to bury their deads, even in traditional burning ghats. Was this a part of the process of Islamisation, that has now come to lime-light?

Friends, it may not be irrelevant to recall here that we had in the past had also brought to your notice ‘naked’ and sustained efforts by the then Omar Abdullah government in Kashmir to remove all vestiges of Hindu civilistation from Kashmir. That had been brought to the notice of all officials involved.

Now, see the photograph of a poster below.


It clearly reads that the holding of the traditional and trade-mark Bengali festival, namely, the Durga Puja festival of the Bengalis, now celebrated with equal fervour and enthusiasm, in many parts of the neighbouring State of Bihar as well as in the national capital city of Delhi, has been “banned” in the districts of Asansol, a predominantly industrial area, and Birbhum, a district in rural West Bengal.


The poster says:


i).   If the “Durgapuja” is not stopped, there would be riot (“danga hoga”).

ii).   The police have banned the “Durgapuja”.

iii).    Hindu women are not safe in coming out, they are being sold off to Bangladesh.


The poster also carries the photograph of the State Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in her Islamic robe, begging for “doa”. This is to add the kind of authenticity needed to the ban. Well, it could be “photographic” mischief also. Incidentally, a video (seen by us) of Mamata Banerjee converting herself into a Muslim, was on the net some time back.

Well, friends from West Bengal may like to advise us more on the subject. We shall feel obliged. On our part, we are bringing this to the notice of all concerned officials for whatever they think best over this.


                                                             Your sevak,


                                                                  D.C. Nath

                                                    (Former Spl. Director, IB)

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