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Profitable Kathua :Media Crooks : घ्रणित कठुआ काण्ड : विपक्ष की राजनितिक कामधेनु या तुष्टिकरण के नए निम्न आयाम

 शायद ही कोई ऐसा मानव होगा जो कठुआ जैसे घ्रणित काण्ड का समर्थन करेगा . भारत मैं बलात्कार के विरुद्ध जो लहर उठी है वह एक बदलते समाज की प्रशंसनीय निशानी है .परन्तु यह देश का अति दुर्भाग्य है की पहले आतंकवाद का राज्निकरण हुआ . उसके बाद कश्मीरी पत्थार्बाज़ों का राज्य सभा मैं श्री गुलाम नबी आज़ाद ने ‘ बच्चे गलती करते हैं’ कह कर परोक्ष समर्थन दिया . उसके निम्न स्तर आया जब राज्य सरकार ने सेना के विरूध पुलिस रिपोर्ट  लिख कर कार्यवाही करनी चाही .

और अब बलात्कार जैसा जघन्य अपराध  भी तुष्टिकरण की भेंट चढ़ गया .यदि हम सभ्य हैं तो अपराध को धर्म की दृष्टि दे नहीं देखें . कश्मीरी पंडितों के ऊपर हुए अत्याचार व् इतनी हिन्दू व् येज्दी लड़कियों के बलात्कार पर चुप रहने वाला संयुक्त राष्ट्र भी अचानक कठुआ पर मुखर हो गया .

अब ‘ पेड न्यूज़ के बाद अब पेड रेज ‘ के नए युग की शुरुआत हो गयी है . इसके परिणाम भी गुजरात  सरीखे ही होंगे . देश की सभी जनता बलात्कारियों को तुरंत दण्डित करने का प्रबल समर्थन करेगी परन्तु विदेशी शक्तियों द्वारा भारत के विघटन के इस नए प्रयास को समझ जाएगी .

देश की एकता व् संप्रभुता को बचे रखने के लिए जघन्य अपराधों पर राजनीती नहीं होनी चाहिए .

Profitable Kathua

Crime investigation is not exactly an easy job. It’s tedious and meticulous process. Sometimes the crime scene is not even known to police for days or even months and someone reports the crime by actually discovering it. The idiotic media and idiotic politicians who want “instant arrests” are the worst nuisance to crime investigation. But they do have crimes that are “profitable” and crimes that are not. Whenever a crime can be exploited politically (with possible payments from some source) you will find that our media morons will be ranting in unison, chest-beating and then Big Bindis will come out on the streets. There is, of course, a new bunch of legal ignoramuses from filthy Bollywood who will hold up placards or tweet stuff like “Rape should be banned” as if rape was legal in India. The Kathua (J&K) murder of an 8-year old, named Asifa, was just the right opportunity for “paid outrage”. Take for instance the JingoGirls of RepublicTV:

What do these uneducated, alleged journos think? That police walks into a murder scene and picks a card from pack and identifies the killer? They didn’t even know the name of the RJ in the above case, Rasikan Rajan. But all the JingoGirls in the media (not just RepublicTV) have been taught how to dance over dead bodies). But this Rajan guy doesn’t earn any money for them so the dancing doesn’t go on beyond 12 hours of reporting.

In contrast, compare the Sheena Bora murder case. The media just knew she was reported missing and were not outraging on it. But in about a year’s time or so the Mumbai police discovered the body, found some evidence and arrested Indrani and Peter Mukherjea. All this was done quietly by the cops without the police or anyone ranting like hell or outraging about it. Under pressure, cops too can hastily arrest the wrong people. After a long period of prosecution and even after being handed over to CBI, the Aarushi murder convicts (her parents) have been acquitted. So that murder will now remain an unsolved murder or a cold case. That case had the highest media coverage and outrage for months in certain frequencies.

The Kathua murder case does not hold any particular, specific interest for me. Though rape is also being mentioned, the initial autopsy did not mention rape it seems. Time will tell. They claim the body was found in a Temple basement. That temple reportedly doesn’t seem to have a basement and is a one-room temple. And the locals at the place claim differently that the body of Asifa was found in a cattle-shed:

Given the arrests that seemed random and more of harassment; some lawyers, villagers and politicians protested and demanded a CBI inquiry. So, instantly Arnab Goswami of RepublicTV brands them “Pro-rapist”. No matter what kind of person you are and what you are protesting, it is hard to imagine that anyone protesting can be a “pro rapist”. In many cases even the rapes are not “pre-meditated” and are often “crimes of opportunity” just like a mugger seeks opportunity to steal. And in one of the worst reporting through an interview of Asifa’s father, a third-rate reporter of RepublicTV was trying to put words in the mouth of the father to claim “Hindus wanted those arrested released and that the Hindus are protesting to get the Hindu suspects released”. This is the lowest form of communal hate-mongering by Arnab and his goons when they rant all day that others should not “communalise or politicise” such crimes. But the media and Sickulars do because it profits them.

The street protests were undertaken in as far off places as Kolkata. You would think the Jihadi rule in Bengal was the most crime-free in the world. The Bollywood “paid placards” were out and even little Pappu and his Congis did a Candle march some nights ago. It is some kind of irony, when many Congis have been booked for rapes they behave as if they are the holiest men and women from the Vatican. Oh wait! Even the Vatican members are accused of rapes which the Pope forgives.

Is the Kathua crime the only one that happened? Not at all, in recent times a Mullah had raped and murdered an 8-year old girl in his Madrasa. That too was in JK. Hardly a sound was heard. Another case in Bhiwandi where a 4-year was killed and her hands chopped as a revenge crime. There are minors in Assam who are raped and murdered and Muslims are the accused. There’s even a report of a 2-day old baby flushed down the toilet in Kerala. We can list dozens over the last 3 months or so. So why is the Kathua crime so extraordinary over all other crimes? The answer is very simple, there is a “conflict zone” in JK and there is the Rohingya factor, there is a part BJP govt there. So, use it all to browbeat the GOI and ModiSarkar. And are foreign forces and anti-India forces involved? YES, they are! It’s a pattern set by Cambridge Analytica on the “outrage pattern” and “blame patter” although CA may not be directly involved in every incident. The idea is to clearly to trash the Hindus and make them a villain in every crime and tar them across the world. And it partly works like this:

The organised racket creates fear in areas where Hindus are in minority and the Islamic govt of JK forces the exodus of Hindus from such areas. All you have to do is look at the uniformed, orchestrated chorus of Scroll, Quint, Print and other regular MSM outlets peddling the “anti-GOI agenda”. Of course, no need to mention the Congress is the “ring master” in this orchestration and many foreign “funders” will be involved. Among, the most unusual I have seen is even a Turkish rag that used a “promoted” tweet to outrage on the Kathua incident, that’s how far the rot has reached:

Then the UN will step in and make some stupid comments. So will the Amnesty crooks. The entire gang wants Hindus to be cowed down and be bereft of any political power or say in how India is run. As it is, Hindus are worse off under every govt. So, like carnivorous animals they sense the opportunity to alienate them a bit more and make them disappear from certain regions where they are in minority. And yes, there are other rag-pickers who will run to some British MP (since they are successfully Islamising UK) and grandly ask you to stand by for a major coup:

The reason they dare is to execute such stupidity is that Hindus here don’t blame Theresa May or their earlier PM for all the young English girls brutally raped and many murdered by Muslim immigrants. The reason such attacks don’t happen on others is because our MPs and PM, don’t dare to do a “tit for tat” against these rowdy MPs of UK and therefore they attack India more often. And because these “well-funded” anti-Hindu operators shout a lot PM Modi also gives a few soundbites to condemn the crime and promise action at times. The worse part is how lamely the BJP govts everywhere suck up and surrender to these noises and then meekly demand apology and nothing else:

As for Arnab and his rants. There’s a clever tricky pattern to it. Wherever Modi is directly concerned he will target the Congis and rant against them over everything. He will call and bash up a few worthless and irrelevant Commies even when they don’t have any influence on India. To monkey balance this act, he will pick on stray incidents involving the lower cadre of BJP MPs or MLAs and rant against them for days. Remember, each time Arnab has ranted in the past against Sushma, Raje or Gadkari he has had eggs on his face. He also ranted a lot about the Rohtak girls and that traffic-signal Aaptard girl Jasleen who accused an innocent man for harassment. Each time Arnab rants excessively, it is only proof what he claims is all BOGUS CONCOCTION. The BJP guys go on channels and behave like the accused instead of putting this goon to his pygmy place. And ModiSarkar is consistently failing to figure out how to deal with the criminal media and the Sickular eco-system. Sooner or later, some mud will stick.

Where Kathua is concerned, I am sure a lot of money has been poured into many media outlets as reward for their campaign. Varadabhai even wants to become a “Donor” with YOUR money. Who knows what he accounts for. It certainly won’t be billed by the channels as “Kathua outrage services” it will be routed in some form or the other. There are other rumours that a Rohingya boy could have killed Asifa. Whosever it is, the only normal thing is justice for her and nothing else. And she is not the only minor right now awaiting justice. So, the media and Sickulars can make profits from Kathua but I doubt it will bring back their glory days of corruption under Congress. It is not Hindus, it is Congress, Sickulars and the entire media gang that

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    Reports say there was no ‘Balaatkaara’ at all !!
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