1:36 am - Friday January 18, 2019

Reviewing Nuclear Power : Fukushima and The End of Humanity !

A massive tsunami hit the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukishima IN 2011 . The plant was working and the nuclear fuel rods were working .There was a possibilty of full fledged Chernobyl disaster of 1986 in Ukraine in which a reactor of nuclear power plant went out of control and melted . It released radiation two hundred times more than Hiroshima . In Fukishima however luckily massive amount of sea water cooled the reactor and prevented it from melting down . Since then Japan is spraying water to cool the still active reactor and storing the radiated water.But how long it can continue. Another tsunami or natural disaster can spill the radiated water or cause meltdown leading to a full fledged Chernobyl.
The film at link below explains the criticalness of the situation .
Many conutries have reviewed the nuclear power option since then .Germany as a result decided to doaway with nuclear reactors completely and is about to shut down itslast few nuclear power plants.What about nuclear ships and submarines ? They are the favourite target in any war . How many nuclear submarines will be sunk in the next world war no oe knows .
One can also look at the silver lining . Inspite of Hiroshima , Nagasaki and open air testing of so many nuclear bombs and Chernobyl humanity has survived . But just like Pollution was never considered a big threat in the begining till Climate change and Acid Rain made us acutely aware of its dangers but it was by then too late . Nuclear power plants in populated areas like Narora in UP possibly on Ganga which is the life line of nation has to be possibly shut down ultimately as done in Germany . Sea tragedy can be contained but not the fall outs of a radiated Ganga .
Chernobyl happened during routine maintenance of the plant due to faulty procedures .So can it be at Narora or Chembur.We have to relook at nuclear power completely afresh.

If nuclear power is essential let it be in areas which are far off .

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