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The Genius of Israel : A Nation Beyond Holocaust and Wars

The Genius of Israel : A Nation Beyond Holocaust and Wars Modi Netanyahu

rp_RKU-150x150.jpg      R.K.Upadhyay

Hitler in forties and Arabs in 1967 did great injustice to Jews and Israel by limiting and reducing the popular perception of Jewish identity to just Holocaust and Palestine conflict . It was like seeing world through dark goggles and missing its majestic colours. Israel and Jews have been the jewel of human race .For hindus the story of Israel has a special significance . Jews are the possibly only people persecuted in history even more than hindus and have rebound with far more vigor than hindus .Having won 22% of the Nobel prizes with just being 0.2% of the world population , Jews have proved their worth to humanity adequately .Albert Einstein possibly is the best known genius who belongs to humanity not just jews .

Both India and Israel became independent together ie 1947 and 1948 respectively . India has made great advancement by emerging as the third largest economy of world ( PPP) . However still burdened by its thousand years of slavery , Indians have not yet discovered their true potential. Before the British arrived, India and China were having a share of about 22- 25% share of world trade . Inspite of sixty years of freedom we are still having just 1.6% share of the world trade (exports). Chinese on the other hand now are the biggest economy of the world having 13.8 % share of the world trade (exports) . The hindus who once traded as far as Africa have yet to discover their full potential like mythical Hanuman . Israel could be the Jamvant of Ramayan who convinced Hanuman that he could cross the sea to reach Lanka .

When Prime Minister Modi meets Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu on 4 th July in Tel Aviv ,he shouldnot just look for defence or trade deals with Israel . Defence and Trade deals are indeed important . India is looking for a reliable partner for defence equipment . Israel’s Iron Dome Missile defence system is possibly the world’s most proven defence system . Its radars , reconnaissance systems small arms and electronic equipment are world class . However India could be looking for more joint development projects like Barrac missile .

Similarly even more useful joint projects can be in cooperation in science and and technology . Israel is world leader in development of Water management , recycling and Desalination technologies . The famous Drip Irrigation was invented by Israel Scientists . Israel today gets 55% of its drinking water from its Desalination plants . For India it is invaluable not only for Andamans Islands but for its entire rain deficient coast line in West and South India . Like Solar Energy it has great potential for future . Those of us who have visited Israel cannot but be amazed at its success in dry farming and genetics . Its cows yield highest milk in the world . It grows more food per acre than any one else in world in similar circumstances .

But beyond these mundane items I want Indo Israel friendship in recharging our research and techonological development . Our research remains very low quality .The Indian Babu will never get best out of our scientist and no government can break their stranglehold . So DRDO or CSIR or Agriculture research to increase yield of oil seed and pulses and vegetables and fruits needs to be brought in Joint Research ambit on revenue sharing basis .

Similarly in Defence we should look for more joint development projects with revenue sharing model.

Israel is possibly looking for a reliable friend . India with its size and history is just the right choice . As far as Palestine is concerned we should offer massive humanitarian and development assistance in hospitals , educational institutions of excellence and food aid as we are doing in Afghanistan . We will be more useful in this role and their pragmatic leadership will understand our limitation .

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