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The Real LynchMob – Mediacrooks

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The Real LynchMob – Mediacrooks

Nobody needs to kill. Nobody needs to die unnaturally. We don’t need a Moses or Mohandas to tell us that. Simple human decency evolves us that much. After all, the Ten Commandments did not say “Thou shalt not rape” but simple humanness evolved us to treat it as a crime. And despite all the clamour about its peacefulness, the number of wanton killings in the name of Allah and Islam will not go away. Narendra Modi was a fresher as a PM in 2014. When the fraudulent “Christians under attack” campaign started by Sickulars in politics and media, Modi was gullible and rattled. He firmly advised the police commissioner to protect Christians and installed a separate helpline for them.

Since then Modi has learned his lessons well and ignores all the cries of wolf by the Sickulars and their footsies in the media. The more he ignored the shriller their cries grew. Post the Dadri incident and “Intolerance” campaign these Sickulars imagined they had conquered the Modi Juggernaut and were relatively quiet for a while. But for any incident anywhere, they had a new slogan – Why Modi silent? Looks like they replaced the old “Blow to Modi” with the new “Why Modi silent” song and dance. Driven by the Congress, Commies, Islamists and the good folks from Pakistan they had concocted a strategy of BJP backing assorted Hindu brigades for attacks on Dalits and Muslims. Where the opportunity presented itself, they also sprinkled in farmer deaths or farmer agitations.

Most of the media campaigned heavily for the SP-Congress alliance in the UP elections but that failed and BJP gained a record victory. This has obviously frightened the little rats in Commie-Congress and their footsies in the media. So, after being on Whatsapp and exchanging great ideas, our media crooks came up with the idea of lynch mobs as a great new “intolerance” campaign. This was particularly targeted at “Gaurakshaks” who they claimed were killing Muslims all over the place. The media crooks concocted a campaign called #NotInMyName on June 29 to protest the lynch mobs. Unbright guys like Shekhar Gupta after heavy deliberations in WA groups came up with the idea of India being “Lynchistan”. Fancy! Let’s do a count – Dalit, Muslims, Gaurakshaks and in the last two months, these anti-nationals have added our Army as fair game. If there’s any proof needed that the whole lynch-protest was concocted and mobilised by Sickular media crooks, here are two:

At least one of the two above (Shivam Vij) is a certified Commie Pig so they can’t accuse him of being a Sanghi or bigoted Hindu. They just certified that the so-called journo mafia (some overtly and some covertly) are very much behind promoting all the anarchy. And then foreign morons like Annie Gowen or Ken Roth or those uneducated people at Huffpost that jump on to the bandwagon screaming “India on the boil, Muslims killed all over India”. That this is also driven by Pakis who want our Sickulars on the anti-Dalit, anti-Muslim agenda and pot-boiling is not even a secret anymore:

And from the Sickular media morons to their cousins abroad they all claim Muslims are under attack. If so, why then are Muslims from Bangladesh, Myanmar and other places fleeing to India seeking refuge or settling here as illegal immigrants? Surely, they would have liked to settle in some Islamic paradise like Pakistan or Barbaria! And these media crooks are now far removed from the truth, far from realities and forever destined to die a miserable ideological-death. You cannot win battles merely with a lot of noise. At the most you will get some grease that will shut you up. ModiSarkar has not even give that to them. And as this scribbled graph shows, ordinary folks on SM are pretty much on to their game:

This tactic of covering up Muslim crimes, selective outraging is not news anymore and it doesn’t disturb anyone. Who are the real lynch mob then? And what do they want? Here’s a montage of some of them:



What they ideally want is the overthrow of the

ModiSarkar and a no-return of BJP. If not that,

at least blunt the success of this govt and keep

the country on boil as if India is sinking.  


These two-bit trolls of the media and politics have spared nothing and no one in promoting the Pak agenda and anti-Hindu agenda. They have slammed the best policies. They have abused the Army Chief with various names – Sadakchaap Gunda, General Dyer and what not. The Pig called Azam Khan goes to the extent of saying Jawans are rapists and the women they rape chop off their genitals. I wonder how he concocted that unless he has experience of such happenings around his own filthy environment. There are many others. But the agenda is obvious – tar everything good in India with hatred and anarchy. What exactly was the agenda in the #NotInMyPants nonsense? Most of them were media crooks and the real agenda turned out to be shouting “Azaadi” slogans as many videos have shown and rants of “Hindu Terror”. So, I see not just the Paki hand, NDTV hand but also the Congress hand in all of this:

These Sickulars and their media lynch-mob simply don’t have a clue what to do. And all the morons in the montage I have put up are basically brainless idiots who cannot come up with one tactically brilliant idea to combat Modi. Instead, they are jumping around with their lunacy as if their bottoms were on fire. Nothing demonstrated it more than the eternal Congi clown RahulG rushing to Mandsaur for another of his item-girl numbers.

There is another angle to all of this. All of these killings that these people claim to protest against, all the Cow-Vigilantes – all of it existed before too during UPA it seems. A lot of data has been put up by many people to show that overall crimes have reduced at many places. But why should facts or data matter when the agenda is set by some enemies? Still, apart from the data provided by @ARanganathan72 on his TL with collated statements, here is one more that is a great piece of work:

Like I said, propelled by the local hate-mongers in India who only publicise and outrage over Muslims being killed, a vast number of Hindus being killed by Muslims or Commies, their temples burned, driven out of Muslim-dominated localities are stories that the media criminals bury, their foreign counterparts like whiny Ellen Barry parrot the nonsense too. @Mamdhata in the above pic provides data on the killings of various kinds and most of the victims are naturally Hindus. He has storified the data and you can take a look should you want – “Where Hindu lives don’t matter”.

The Lynchistan gang is not on the streets. This gang is not in towns and villages. The real lynch mob is in the air – on TV, in Commie politics and in print. They won’t stop at anything to tar India and bat for the enemies no matter what. PM Modi may have handed out these barking dogs a few biskoots in a one-sided condemnation of only cow-vigilantes and killers. Modi is not entirely his own man and often some minister or Babus hide information from him. His one-sided condemnation probably comes from the political diktats of one of his Cabinet colleagues.  Modi too knows these criminals all too well and their agenda. There is no way Congress and their Sickular footsies are coming anywhere near power. NEVER AGAIN!


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  1. July 2, 2017 at 2:36 pm #

    Why all this brouhaha ?? Secular-bastards derided and provoked Hindus for decades. Now is the turn of suppressed anger. They should take it lovingly.
    PM has nothing to do with that. Secular-bastards should blame and abuse State Govts. Maximum cow-killing occurs in non-BJP ruled States. Why don’t they abuse them first ?

    It is my personal belief – cow killer should be shot dead then and there.

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